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Plates and boundaies

We know the plates have moved because of continental drift. There are divergent, convergent, and transform boundaries. Most divergent boundaries are along mid ocean ridges. There are also some on land though the ones on land involve plates sliding apart. A convergent boundary is where two plates come together. A transform boundary is where two plate slip past eachother. There is evidence plates have moved from land features, fossils, and climate.

rock destruction

rock destruction

Erosion is the destruction process in which a rock fragments are carried away by water or wind or ice. They loosen the rock then carry fragments of rocks away. The three main kinds of erosion is wind, water, and ice.


Over spring break I went to Dallas Texas. I went there to visit my cousin. It was cool because all the buildings. We got to go to the aquarium and on a tour of the Dallas cowboys stadium.

Bone Prints

Pebbles to Bolders

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Rock Cycle

The rock cycle is a series of processes on the surface and inside the earth that slowly changes rocks from one type to another. With the rock cycle no matter what kind of rock you start as you can be any kind through the rock cycle.
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Many minerals form from evaporation. They can also form magma and lava. When it hardens into slate there are crystals left over. Each mineral has its ow characteristics that can identify it.


I enjoyed learning about natural disasters and the effects