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Jump Start Learning with KET Media Resources and Services

Overview of KET's Services

To followup on our recent contact I wanted to share these resources from our KET EncycloMedia services plus stand-alone sites that can help make the concepts you are presenting come alive and engage your students in fun and exciting ways. Take time to explore and enjoy them yourself!

Note: A good example of some of the resources found in our services is the image to the left of this text by Edgar Degas entitled "Dancers in the Wings" (1834-1917). It is from the over 4,000 image collection provided by the Bridgeman Art Library located in PBS Learning Media.

For more information or assistance regarding any KET service or feature, contact me at or via phone at: 859.258.7150.

How does using KET resources fit into the Danielson Framework?

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation

•Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources

–Resources for Classroom Use

–Resources to Extend Content Knowledge and Pedagogy

–Resources for Students

•Designing Coherent Instruction

–Learning Activities

–Instructional Materials and Resources

Domain 2: Instruction

•Communicating with Students

–Explanation of Content

•Engaging Students in Learning

–Activities and Assignments

–Instructional Materials and Resources

KET Professional Development Opportunities

If you would like any kind of free KET related professional development in your school or district please contact me using the contact info. above.

To access our online PD offerings (also free) go to this link: PD offerings

Our annual one day "Multi-Media PD Event" will be held at our Lexington studios on July 20th. Click here for price, registration and session information: Multimedia PD event

KET 2015-16 Education Resources Book

Here is a link to a PDF version of this catalog of our free services and resources. If you did not receive a hard copy of it in your school's mail and would like to have one, then email me and I will send you one (as long as our supplies of print editions last). This is a fabulous overview of our services and resources for all grade levels.