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January 26, 2023

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  • Wednesday, February 1 - Chartwell Family Network Meeting - 8:30 am, McMahan Hall

  • Thursday, February 2 - Planning for Life after Chartwell High School with Alyse LeValley, 5:30 pm (VIA ZOOM); all high school and interested middle school families invited to join

  • Financial Aid application portal open; deadline for current families to complete the application is March 3


  • Lower School Field Trip (Ford, Phillips and Rhoads) Rescheduled to April 18
  • Please Keep Personal Items at Home


  • Project Period Field Experience Rescheduled for February 27
  • 11th Grade One-on-One Meetings with Ms. LeValley Taking Place
  • Basketball - See Team Snap


  • January and February Chartwell Team Birthdays


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Financial Aid Application Open: Closes March 3

The financial aid application for the 2023-2024 school year opened on Monday, January 2, 2023. The deadline to complete the application for current Chartwell families is March 3, 2023.

Here is a direct link to our online application:

If you have any questions or need assistance navigating through the application process, please do not hesitate to contact Danielle Patterson at


Lower School Field Trip Rescheduled to April 18

The Lower School (Phillips, Ford, and Rhoads) field trip to The Tech Interactive has been rescheduled to Tuesday, April 18. More information will be shared with families in the weeks to come.

The 2nd Annual Bulldog Wrestling Academy Begins this Month!

The 2nd Annual Bulldog Wrestling Academy (BWA) will kick off on Wednesday, February 22 and will run after school every Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:30 pm.

This is a four-week program that focuses heavily on fun, self-regulation, and the development of each student wrestler's self-esteem and confidence levels. We will not be competing against other schools, and practice sessions are strictly voluntary.

The BWA is open to all students in the Lower School and Upper Lower School only.

Coach Reggie will be distributing sign-up sheets to each LS/ULS homeroom by the end of this week. For further info, please email Coach Reggie at:

Upper Lower School Intramural Basketball

Intramural basketball begins on Tuesday, January 31 from 12:30-12:50 pm. The schedule going forward is as follows:

February 1 - Scrimmage

February 2 - Scrimmage

February 14 - Scrimmage

February 15 - Scrimmage

February 28-March 2- Playoffs and Championship

Email Coach P or Coach Regan if your student is interested in participating.

Middle School Basketball - Just Two Games Left in the Season!

AWAY: Thursday, January 26 @ Bay View Academy 3:45 pm

HOME: Tuesday, January 31 @ Chartwell vs Trinity 3:30 pm

Please Keep Personal Items at Home

We have noticed a growing trend of students bringing personal items from home to school and then selling, buying or trading items with other students. Please help us stop this practice by talking with your child about keeping items at home. Thank you.


Project Period Field Experience Rescheduled for February 27

Our Project Period 3: Corporations field experience has been rescheduled to Monday, February 27.

For this experience, the high school will leave campus for the full day. Please ensure students are on time as we are departing shortly after drop-off. As part of our “Corporations” project period, students will engage in an off-campus field experience to visit the Apple Campus. We will be traveling by bus.

  • All students will be going to Apple Campus.
  • We are aiming to be back on campus between 3:15-4:00 pm (traffic is unpredictable).
  • Lunch is included for all students.
  • Students should wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a water bottle. Students can bring snacks for the bus rides if they choose.
  • Students who take medications during the school day will be responsible for bringing and managing their own medications. For those students who typically get their midday medication from Roz, we will bring and administer those medications.

If you know your student cannot attend this event, please email as soon as possible.

High School Clubs

The Climbing Club begins on Friday, February 3. The time is yet to be determined.

Surf Club begins in Mid-February. Signups will begin on Monday, January 30.

11th Grade Students Started Meetings This Week

Students in the 11th grade have started having one-on-one meetings with Ms. LeValley to discuss life after high school, possible college or university criteria, career interests, and/or gap programs. These meetings are exploratory in nature and students are encouraged to celebrate their strengths and dream big as they begin visualizing their adult lives. Families of 11th graders will receive a questionnaire from Ms. LeValley this month as part of our effort to collect information about the students. If you have questions, please email her at

High School Basketball

Last Game for Silver Team: Friday, January 27: Silver Team North Valley Baptist - 5:30 pm

Be sure to check Team Snap for updates and changes.

High School Track & Field

Track and field sign-ups begin on Monday, January 30. More details will be available on the signup forms.

January & February Faculty & Staff Birthdays


Anthony Garcia - January 8

Kristen Bogue - January 13

Stacy Meheen - January 17

Jack Riley - January 18

Amanda King -January 19

Tayler Rutter - January 21

Jesse Vickers - January 21

Talmon Owens - January 23

Rory Patterson - January 29


Sandra Varajic - February 3

Emily Garber - February 5

John Langrill - February 5

Alex Kopelevich - February 11

Patti Kirshner - February 14

Roz Harris - February 17

Nicole Buice - February 18

Nancy Da Silva - February 21

Marshall Harvey - February 23

Community Resources

Dyslexic Design Thinking: When Neurodivergence and Creativity Meet

Dyslexic Design Thinking: When Neurodivergence and Creativity Meet

Hosted by Reel
Wed, Feb 1, 7pm-8:30 pm PST

Dyslexia affects as many as 1 in 5 people. Most people view it exclusively as a challenge with reading and writing - what they don’t realize is that dyslexic brains have many gifts and strengths! Join us to hear about Dyslexic Design Thinking, as Gil Gershoni shares how dyslexia offers a heightened advantage, what he calls his “hyper-ability.”

Learn how parents and educators can find the hyper-ability in their child’s differences and foster these unique strengths to boost self-esteem, school/career pathways, and finding their place in the world. In the words of our speaker, we’ll talk about how we can “suspend the limiting connotations of a learning disability, so that neurodivergent people can recognize the liberating truth in front of their faces: that each human mind contains the potential for a hyper-ability just waiting to be discovered.”


How to Read an IEP

How to Read an IEP

Hosted by Decoding Dyslexia California

Saturday, January 28

10:00 am - 12:30 p.m. (PST)

Free Virtual Event offered in English and Spanish

Must Pre-Register via EventBrite (see links below)

How to Read an IEP

The expert panel of special education attorneys and advocates will be answering audience questions after the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF) presentation on “How to Read an IEP”. This event will be informative to families/caregivers and educators with a special emphasis on dyslexia.

English Eventbrite:

Spanish Eventbrite:


If you have questions for us, please contact one of the following Chartwell Team Members:

Head of School, Danielle Patterson:

Director of Teaching and Learning, Jodi Amaditz:

Assistant Director of Lower School, Katherine Kanaski:

Assistant Director of Middle School, Karla Bell:

Assistant Director of the High School, Amanda Zonghi:

Director of STEAM and EdTech, Sandra Varajic:

Director of Student Support: Billy Swift

Director of Campus Management and Safety, John Langrill:

Director of Advancement and Communications, Elena Mueller:

Director of Human Development and Wellness, Batya Fields:

Director of Athletics: Rory Patterson

Business Office: Katia Stornetta

Technical Support: