By: Alex West

Benefits of Joining

The benefits of joining FCCLA are limitless, but just to name a few, here are five.

1.) FCCLA teaches you how to prepare yourself for the adult world

2.) You could meet new friends

3.) There are multiple travel opportunities

4.) FCCLA also teaches you about career preparation

5.) You can and will have positive interactions and contact between youth and adults

Planned Activities for 2016

1.) February 8-12 is FCCLA Week

2.) February 13 is National Application Workshop

3.) April 9 is SEC Interviews FFA Center

4.) July 3-7 is National Leadership Conference

5.) July 27- August 7 is State Fair

Random Facts

Five random facts about FCCLA are...

1.) FCCLA is a nonprofit organization funded primarily by membership dues

2.) FCCLA was founded in 1945

3.) SInce the founding of the organization, FCCLA has had more than 9 million members

4.) FCCLA stands for Family, Career and Community leaders of America

5.) The name was changed from FHA to FCCLA in 1999

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