Fat Loss Forever part 1 of 2

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Fat Loss Forever part 1 of 2

Hey Guys, Joe Bumbrey here your Minister of Health & Fitness coming to you with a 2 part series on fat lossforever! I’m going to reveal the first ten ways to real permanent fat loss in this blog series. If you follow anything on this list you will get results. By doing them all together, without fail, will net results beyond your wildest dreams!

Fat Loss Suggestions 1-5

  1. Go through your pantry and remove all of the processed grain foods, like Ramen packets, crackers, corn cereal, chips, cookies and white flour. Then get rid of the sugar and replace it with Stevia or other natural sweetener.
  2. Go through the refrigerator and eliminate all high-fat dairy, such as
    cream, sour cream, high-fat yogurt, whole milk, whole milk cottage cheese, and
    cream cheese.
  3. Check out your cooking oils. Get rid of corn oil, and vegetable oil, or rancid
    or older opened bottles of olive oil or peanut oil. Replace those with new extra virgin olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, and nut oils, like walnut and almond oil.
  4. Open your freezer and throw out the ice cream, gelato, ice cream
    bars, and frozen foods with carbs that list over 30 grams per serving, or fats over 8 grams per serving
  5. Start an herb garden indoors to have fresh herbs to cook and flavor food with. Just because you’re trying to shed fat doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat well and tasty.

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Fat Loss Suggestions 6-10

  1. Look at the proteins you have in either the freezer or refrigerator. Is it
    frozen chicken wings, or breast? Is it lean ground beef and lean grass-fed beef, or
    high fat choices? Throw out any protein that’s been in the refrigerator longer than
    six months.
  2. Look at your current diet. How much bread do you eat versus how
    many grains are unprocessed (such as oatmeal)? Does breakfast start with
    carbs? With proteins? Or with a mix? How many fruits and vegetables do you eat daily? Do fruits outweigh vegetables or the other way around? Hint: Vegetables should be eaten 3-to-1 for fat loss.
  3. Throw out fruit juices and high sugar fruits, such as bananas and replace them with cantaloupe and berries, which are lower glycemic and won’t spike the blood sugar like juice or bananas.
  4. Buy bags of raw or roasted nuts still in the shell – almonds and pistachios
    are good choices. Instead of reaching for pretzels, reach for the nuts.
  5. Assess your current cooking methods. Do you fry a lot of your foods in a pan? Or do you bake them? The best choice for cooking fish or eggs is either poaching or grilling. Steak is best on the grill, too, and should never be fried in butter.