4th grade memories

Isiah and Carter's memories

Isiah's reading memories

I liked reading in the beginning of the year because we got to move around the room and being by my friends. I like to read and it is fun but the only thing I don't like reading tests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carter's math memories

I had a lot of memories but math owns some are the best. One of my favorite lessons is the Geometry because it had one of my favorite things to do and it is really easy it is the lines of symmetry. It is one of my favorite subjects!!!

Carter's reading memories

Reading is my favorite subject. I am a reading geek. I love to read in my spare time and any book would fit my taste of books. Some times I get frustrated with all the work we have to get done in some time. The Juan Verdades book and questions. Reading is really fun!!!!!

Isiah's Phy Ed memories

I loved Phy Ed. I liked getting hot and sweaty. The activities were super fun. My favorite game was island rescue and snow forts. Mrs.Brunette was a fun gym teacher and she made some new games I can play at my house!!!!!!!

Carter's writing memories

Writing was a fun subject to learn. You got to use your imagination to make any type of story. My favorite subject to write about was fantasy stories. Most of my stories were actually fantasy stories. Writing is overall my 2nd favorite subject in the whole wide world!!!

Isiah's math memories

Math is not my favorite subject but I'm doing it any way and know, this is Isiah's math memories and my favorite part in math is lines of symmetry because it is the easiest part to me and it is fun.

Carter's Science memories

Science classes were the best. In all the classes we got to do at least one experiments in the class. I liked the space unit the most because we learned all thew things I had never thought about!!!

Isiah's art memories

Art is my favorite subject in school because I like to draw. I like to learn new techniques to draw. It is my #1 favorite subject in the school.

Carter's Social Studies memories

Social studies was not my favorite subject but I got through it. My favorite thing to learn was the immigrant because I got to learn some more about my own cultures and the traditions they brought that are still in our own culture like Easter and Christmas!!!

Our teacher

Mrs. Voigt is the best teacher ever. She made our last year at Meadowbrook the best year in this school. Even though I got in trouble a lot she is still the best teacher. Isiah and I thank her and wish her a great summer. We will never forget her, she is the best!!!!!