Kent Hollowell December 9, 2015

Facts Of Dodge

Dodge was founded in the year 1900, by Horace and John Dodge. They formed the Dodge Brothers Company. The first car ever to be made by Dodge is the Dodge Model 30. Dodge Brothers cars continued to rank second place in American sales in 1920. Tragedy struck in 1920, John Dodge had succumbed to pneumonia in January. Then his brother Horace then died of Cirrhosis in December the same year. (Reportedly out of the grief of the loss of his brother.) Dodge Brothers Company was sold to Chrysler in 1928. After that Dodge gradually lost its ranking as third best-selling automobile manufacturer, slipping to seventh.

Why Dodge Is Better

Dodge has a coil-spring set-up. The positive of the coil-spring is the ride quality is superior to Ram's rivals. The negative of it lowers your towing capacity. Dodge is lighter than Ford and Chevrolet. Dodge has a double-decked glove box and center console. On the dashboard it has a 11-volt out let that you can plug your phone into and charge it. Under the seat you can store stuff in. Dodge has a Ram box's on its more sporty trucks. The ram box's are on the outside of the tailgate at the end of the truck, which you can use to store tools and stuff in.

The Three Top Vehicles Of Dodge

Difference Between The Hemi And The 1500

The Hemi has more power than the 1500. The Hemi has 395 hp compared to 210 hp. The Hemi has heated/air conditioned seats, heated steering wheel, heated mirrors, navigation, blue-tooth, and rear backing camera assistance. The Hemi has more towing capacity 9,050 ibs compared to 7,865 ibs.
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My mentor is my moms friend Christina. I choose her because my mom had to work on the 9th. Also because she is going to let my mom borrow her car so she can help me get my truck and my moms truck to school so i can do my presentation.


My strengths of doing this project/product is, i have the product. I know all about Dodges. I have grown up around Dodges my entire life. I had easy access to my resources.


My weaknesses of doing this project/product is having to do the paper and the presentation. I had a hard time getting motivated and procrastinating.