Pro Players Over Payed?

Is playing sports worth millions?

Have you ever worked so hard to reach that one life goal, to be that one out of a millionth person to live your life dream and to do whatever it takes to get there?

Pro players work hard day in and day out to maintain the skill they have be at the pro level and earn the money they get.

Takes a lot to get to the Pro level

  • Dedication
  • Time
  • Effort


  • Practice and Games
  • Training and Traveling
  • Family
  • Charity

Payed to Catch a Ball?

  • Play a Game
  • Military, Teachers
  • Entertain, Time, and Advertisement
Are Professional Athletes Paid too much Video

If you have a Dream to become and Professional player in some sport, Chase that dream and if you make it, Ask yourself if it was worth it!