Palmetto Times

By Sydney Bunch and Paige Nicol

Middle Schoolers Get Charged With Arson

Yesterday evening, a local mosque was a victim of arson. Two eighth graders attempted to burn down a mosque following the 9/11 attacks. The eighth graders claim they were trying to bring justice to Americans. Bobby Brinkmann and Rigo were the two criminals that committed the crime. The Brinkmanns claim the crime not to be true. The police will keep investigating to see if the eighth graders will be tried as an adult.

Palmetto Recognizing our Service Men

The Steiner family experienced a tragic loss following the attacks. Mr. Steiner was serving our country in the Navy. He was in the Pentagon when the plane hit. Soon after, he was pronounced dead. The beautiful memorial service was about ten days ago. The community came together to comfort the family. Many attended to show support for the family.