Arts,People, and classical ideas

what was the change in the renaisassance? the renaissance started off by the rise of the renaissance,

the renaissance artists, writers of the renaissance.It all formed togetherto change world history on government, western europe, religion, human potential, humanism, up until classical ideas of greece and rome.It also changed social and economic changes during the renaissance.

who were the people assosiated with the change?

JOHUAN GUTENGURG- improved the printing press


ERASMUS- wrote bokes critizing the catholic church

MACHEVELLI-he delt with politics and government

DANTE-he wrote poetry in the venacular
johuan gutenburg completed the printing press to make more bibles in 1455,the petrarch wrote both in itlaian and latin and wrote sonnets to a women he never met,erasmus most famous work for The praise of the folly,machevelli also wrote The prince and lastly dante wrote poetry venacular in italian so other people could understand it.

how did it impact society at the time and what are some evidences that changes todays modern society?

The society impacted by the change in their religion and other arts also humanism.they changed by leaders and their accomplishments on their ideas.

Its modern because their are museums on these things that occured years ago.

many people till this day celebrate the rennaissance because of the amzing changes that have happened during the renaissance and greek sculptures also paintings.Another thing is the writers of the renaissance changed the (IDEAL MAN AND WOMEN) look on the renaissance.