FBI Agent

Ariana Maggio Period 7/8

Career Details

As an agent you would need to get information and make decisions and solve problems. You would need to identify objects, actions, and events. You would be working directly with the public as well as documenting/recording information. Communicating with supervisors, peers, or subordinates, evaluating information to determine compliance with standards, and communicating with persons outside organization. Also everyday you would be establishing interpersonal relationships and processing information.

Being an FBI Agent you would be making 55,010 dollars yearly, roughly about 26.45 dollars an hour.

Education Needed

You need your high school diploma. As far as college goes you need some college. It is recommended you at least have your associates degree.

Skills Required

There are multiple skills required for this job. Active listening, critical thinking, complex problem solving, social perceptiveness, and speaking are some. Reading comprehension, speaking, writing, coordination, and active writing are some more skills needed. Active learning and judgment and decision making are also impartial to the skills needed. I personally think critical thinking and judgment are the most important skills.

Job Outlook

This job is always needed for public safety but it is very competitive. It is 7% slower than average for any other job. From 2010 to 2020 it is expected to grow about 7%.

Jobs Related

There are several other alternatives. Some of these are correctional officers, EMT's and paramedics, or a firefighter. Private detectives and Investigators, probation officers and correctional treatment specialists, and lastly security guards are more alternatives. Gaming surveillance officers are also options.

Their income varies though. Correctional officers make 30,020 dollars a year. Paramedics make 30,360 dollars a year. Firefighters make 42,250 dollars yearly. Probation officers make the most as an alternative, with 47,200 dollars a year.