Lacrosse and the forces in it

By Jacob McAdams

Balanced Forces

An balanced force is a force that are equal and opposite resulting in a change in motion. In the game of lacrosse face offs and cradling involve having a balance force. When you are cradling the ball you are acting a force on the stick for it to move. Cradling the ball with the same force acting apoun it is a balanced force. Another act you do in lacrosse that involves a balanced for is face offs. Face off both players can apply the same force and that results in them moving and applying more force.

That is how balance forces work in lacrosse.

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Unbalanced Forces

An unbalanced force is a force that is not equal and opposite resulting a change in motion.

Face offs is where most of the unbalanced forces happen they also can have a balance force. In a face off if one player applies more than the other then they will clamp the ball. If two players and applying the same force at some point one will apply more than the other.

Driving to the net is also another act of unbalance forces. The person with the ball going to the net is trying to apply more force than the defender. But the advantage of force goes to the offensive player because he has a running start.

Those are some examples of unbalanced forces in the sport of lacrosse.


Gravity is a force of altercation between two objects. When you are shooting the ball gravity is acting apoun the ball and trying to bring it down. Gravity doesn't really work on a shot that much because the shot only last like 1-2 seconds and it is really quick. Gravity brings the stick down when you are shooting.

That is how gravity is in the game of lacrosse.


Friction is a force that works against motion. When you are running your shoes are applying friction to the ground. Cleats give a lot of friction because the grip the ground and make it harder to slip and lose control of your footing.

That is how friction is in the sport of lacrosse.

Newton's first law

Newton's first law is an object in motion stays in motion, an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted apoun by a unbalanced force. A shot will stay in motion until it is hit by a stick, net of the goal, or the pocket of the goalie or a defenceman. Not jus a shot but passing involves newton's first law because you are passing the ball and the person catching it stops it. Running into a slide is another example of newton's first law. This involves newton's first law because the offensive player and he is moving and then the defenceman comes of the crease and trys to stop the attacking player.

That is how newton's first law applies to lacrosse.

Newton's second law

Force= Mass x Accretion. You can use this formula to find the force of a shot or a pass. You can use this to also find the amount of impact on a shot or pass. Say i wanted to find the force of a shot. The ball weights 145 grams and the acceration of the shot is 97 m/h. You would multiply .145 times 97. The force of the shot would be 14 N.

This is how newton's second law applies to the great sport of lacrosse.

Newton's third law

Newton's third law is for every action their is an equal but opposite reaction. When you pass or shot the ball the bottom hand pulls towards your body . The reaction to that would be the top hand pulls away form your body. When you bounce the ball on a shot the ball will hit the ground and then the ground will apply the same force back and hot the ball.

That is how newton's third law connects to the sport of lacrosse.