By: Guadalupe Rodriguez

Why It's Important?

This is important because this are stuff that we desire but, we don't need. We don't need it to survive. You are not going to die if you don't have them because you don't eat them,etc.

Do You Really Need Wants?

You don't really need them because you don't need them to survive but, you can buy them because you have the money and because you like it. You can have it because you want to have better stuff.

Questions about Wants

1. Will people die if we don't have them? No because you don't need them for survival.

2. If someone has an IPhone 6S does that mean that they are rich? No because sometimes you can get the phones on a deal by the company or because you got it for a present, etc.

3. If you have expensive things, does that make someone popular? No because other people will have it and not everyone will follow you just because of it.