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Pearl Linguistics: Helping Companies Succeed

Pearl Linguistics is in the business of providing the communications services that help companies succeed. With an impressive list of satisfied corporate and business clients, Pearl Linguistics has become the most trusted and sought-after name in the fields of professional translation and interpretation.

Pearl Linguistics understands how tumultuous the world of international business can be, and how difficult it is to carry out a transaction or communication without the help of a professional translator. As a company with expertise in over 270 languages, Pearl Linguistics is equipped to handle any number of interpretation and translation needs, and can help your company establish an open and potentially profitable line of communication with clients all over the world.

As a translation firm with multiple professional accreditations and organizational memberships, Pearl is ready, willing and able to get started on your next translation or interpretation project. Pearl Linguistics provides client focused service not seen by other translation companies, and has established a reputation for unparalleled excellence in the translation field. No one else comes close to their level of commitment or to attentiveness. Professional translations and interpretations need to come from a proven communications expert; a company armed with the knowledge, the experience and staff necessary to give a client the most out of every service. Pearl Linguistics is a trusted industry leader and a constant source of unmatched client satisfaction.

The Pearl Linguistics difference is found in every service they perform, which includes multiple and varied interpreter, translation and transcription services. Trust a company that always demonstrates a true commitment to the client’s needs.

Pearl Linguistics: Professional Membership

Pearl Linguistics is a full-service translation and transcription company, offering comprehensive translation services to professionals at all points across the globe. As a member of the professional translation and transcription industry, Pearl Linguistics is honored to be a member of many professional organizations; groups that set high industry and business standards which help to regulate the industry and ensure the continued success of honest and reputable business professionals.

Pearl Linguistics has received accreditation from the Association of Translation Companies, or ATC, as well as from the Institute of Translators and Interpreters, or ITI. They are also an ISO 9001 Registered Firm. Pearl Linguistics always conforms to ISO BS EN 15038:2006 Translation Services Guidelines, as well as to those set forth in ISO IEC 27002-2005 Information Security. They are proud member of many professional associations and trade groups around the world, including the ATC and ITI, the Business Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE), the British American Business Institute (BABI) and the German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK UK). Pearl Linguistics also adheres to the Codes of Conduct set forth by the London Chamber of Commerce (LCC), the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC) and the China-British Business Council (CBBC).

Pearl Linguistics believes that professional industry association membership is important, as it allows companies throughout the industry and the business community the opportunity to share their ideas for innovation, and to keep one another informed and changes or regulations around the world. Pearl Linguistics is proud to be a distinguished member of these organizations, and continues to make valuable contributions to the business community.

Pearl Linguistics: Creating a Better-Connected Global Community

The number of languages spoken by Pearl Linguistics professionals is staggering, yet variety is essential to the company’s success. With skill and fluency in over 270 international languages, Pearl Linguistics is able to continue on its mission to establish open and effective communications for its clients. Based in the U.K., the company’s translation and transcription experts help to break down the communications’ barriers that many public and private sector organizations face on a daily basis.

Pearl Linguistics is a translation company devoted to its clients. The need for fast and effective communications and translations services is bigger than ever, as is the need for a company with the reputation and the drive to provide these services on a moment’s notice. Pearl Linguistics understands how important open communications are to the continued success of any organization, particularly in an international business climate. As one of the most comprehensive translation and transcription services firms in the world, Pearl Linguistics feels a duty to provide 24/7 customer support and unparalleled communications services to every client.

Pearl Linguistics holds an ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate for General and Technical Translation, Interpreting, Transcription and DTP for both the public and private sectors. They also possess an ISO 14001 Environmental Management Accreditation. They have won multiple awards for their constant dedication to superior customer service, including the 2013 Excellence in Supply Award in Innovation, the 2008 and 2012 Best Service Award and the 2008 Excellence in Customer Service Award, given to the company by the London Chamber of Commerce.

Pearl Linguistics: The Difference in Interpreting Services

Pearl Linguistics offers muitiple professional interpreting services, each of which provides a specific interpreting service to fulfill a specific interpreting need. The Pearl Linguistics Interpreting professionals are available to provide any one of these unique interpreter services on a moment’s notice. Their professional interpreter staff work day and night to deliver quality services, opening the doors of communication to organizations and individuals whenever and wherever needed.

Pearl Linguistics explains the many unique interpreting services they currently provide, as well as each one’s unique benefits.

Consecutive Interpreting, a Pearl Linguistics service, involves the act of periodic transcription and translation. A professional interpreter will generally listen to about five minutes of a person’s speech, and will then translate that speech into the desired language. This is best used, says Pearl Linguistics, in a one-on-one business meeting where only two languages are spoken.

Next is Simultaneous Interpreting. Also known as Conference Interpreting, says Pearl Linguistics, Simultaneous Interpreting is best suited for conferences where several languages are spoken, and generally requires multiple interpreters.

Whispered Interpreting, often known as chuchotage, is used generally amongst smaller groups that include people who aren’t fluent in the local dominant language. Whispered Interpreting, says Pearl Linguistics, is often used during court proceedings, and generally requires only one interpreter.

Sign Language interpreting is used to establish communication between a hearing-impaired person and someone with no hearing impediments. In this case, says Pearl Linguistics, the interpreter will translate symbols and gestures into audible speech. This method is commonly used and is perhaps one of the best known interpretation methods.

Pearl Linguistics: Professional Interpreting Services

he use of professional on-site Interpreters can help to make corporate and organizational communications much easier and far more effective. Pearl Linguistics offers a variety of public and private institutions the professional interpretation services they need to ensure a successful meeting, conference or personal communication.

Pearl Linguistics is in the business of providing expert interpreter services to a variety of clients and in a variety of situations. Their professionals are adept at providing expert interpreter services in situations of all sizes, including conferences, meetings, telephone conversations, legal proceeding and much, much more. Pearl Linguistics is capable of providing interpreter services on-demand, offering professional interpreter services to clients on a moment’s notice throughout even the most remote destinations on the planet.

Pearl Linguistics understands the demands of a busy professional schedule, and that many clients need a professional interpreter as soon as possible. Professional interpreters help clients perform the responsibilities of their position with as little hassle or headache as possible. Pearl Linguistics recognizes that often the times the need for a professional interpreter will come with virtually no warning, and that’s why they are proud to be able to offer skilled interpreter professionals who are always ready to travel wherever needed.

Pearl Linguistics interpreters are also well-trained and specialized in many different industries, such as medicine, the law and finance. The interpreter services that Pearl Linguistics offers include Consecutive Interpreting, Simultaneous Interpreting, Sign Language, Whispered Interpreting, Telephone Interpreting and Public Service/Community Interpreting. Pearl Linguistics believes in providing a variety of interpreting services, necessary to meet a variety of client needs.

Pearl Linguistics: On-Site Transcription Services

Pearl Linguistics is your number one source for on-site transcription services. Regardless of the size, scope or subject matter of your next transcription project, you can count on Pearl Linguistics for superlative and award-winning transcription services.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Pearl Linguistics customer service professionals are ready to provide your and your organization with the transcriptions you need to perform both efficiently and effectively. Each transcription professional employed with their company is dedicated to providing fast and accurate transcribing services both on-site and in real time. Pearl Linguistics professionals are capable of working with multiple technologies to fulfill your transcription needs, including CDS, Videocassettes and multiple forms of audio technologies. Once completed, the Pearl Linguistics transcription service can be translated into any desired language, due to a professional staff with fluency in more than 270 global languages.

Each transcription professional has either a BA or an MA degree in language, and every Pearl Linguistics transcriber is required to have at least five years of professional transcription experience. They only employ professionals with the aptitude and experience proven to provide professional-quality transcriptions for their clients. Pearl Linguistics uses only the most advanced and cutting-edge communications technology in their professional transcription services.

A professional transcriptions’ expert allows an organization to devote their time to the other important professional functions. Known for both affordability and reliability, Pearl Linguistics works to provide the quality transcription services that free your organization’s employees of this time-consuming burden. Their team cares about saving you both time and money.

Pearl Linguistics: Communications Experts

Very few professional translation companies are equipped or empowered with the translation resources and knowledge of Pearl Linguistics. As the England-based leader of professional translation services, Pearl Linguistics is proud to be able to offer every client with an abundance of translation resources, experts and techniques that ensure fast, affordable and effective delivery of every project.

Many law firms, marketing firms, international corporations and public institutions trust Pearl Linguistics for all of their translation needs. Successful organizational function depends on accurate and reliable translation services; the communications tools needed to be both competitive and effective in a fast-paced and increasingly global economy. Pearl Linguistics employs only the most experienced and attentive professionals; people proven to have the skills and language fluency needed to make the fastest and most accurate translations available in the industry. No one is as committed to fast and affordable translation project delivery as their company experts.

Pearl Linguistics works hand-in-hand with every individual client to ensure they are getting the service the need and deserve. With a commitment to strong collaboration and 24/7 availability, Pearl Linguistics is able to address every client concern and question without hesitation, and to design the service that best suits the needs of the client. With a staff that includes expert in over 270 international languages, they are also equipped to meet most any translation need, and have proven a valuable communications ally for many international organizations and companies.

Pearl Linguistics is there to meet any translation or transcription need. No matter the size or scope of your next translation project, you can trust the professionals at Pearl Linguistics to get it done promptly and within your budget.

Pearl Linguistics: Public Sector Translation Services

Pearl Linguistics offers clients a variety of translation services, helping numerous public and private organizations fulfill their translations needs. Public organizations, such a law enforcement groups, educational institutions and immigration departments, often require translations in order to successfully serve the public’s needs. Pearl Linguistics provides a valuable and affordable translation service solution to public institutions; the organizations whose mission it is to help to keep us healthy, safe and educated.

Pearl Linguistics is a translation company based in the United Kingdom. As the leader in local translation services, they are dedicated to providing the superior quality services public institutions need to effectively serve the public interest.

Pearl Linguistics is staffed with high-quality and experienced linguistics professionals fluent in a large variety of international languages. Their primary goal is to provide the translation and customer support that public organizations need to remain effective for their communities.

Pearl Linguistics provides government and public sector translations and transcriptions services to various organizations, including schools (both public and university-level), police departments, hospitals, education departments, immigration services, military and defense organizations and more. They are proud to deliver quality translations and transcriptions to the departments, groups and organizations that work to maintain a healthy, vibrant and successful society. Pearl Linguistics specializes in giving public institutions the translation support, service and attentiveness they need to be effective.

Their professionals are fluent in hundreds of international languages, and are well-versed in the latest technology and translation techniques. Pearl Linguistics translations are never done by machines, which allows them to provide accurate and detailed translations that don’t cut any corners.

Pearl Linguistics: Making Translations Affordable

Fast and cost-effective translations are something that many international corporations, professionals and organizations need to stay competitive in an international business climate. Pearl Linguistics has found way to not only provide accurate and effective translations, but also to make them affordable to a variety of professional organizations around the globe.

As a multilingual translation services company, Pearl Linguistics is staffed with translation professionals that are well-versed and lingual in over 270 international languages. They rely on translators that are not only proven to speak and write efficiently in their mother tongues, but that also have over five years of experience working in a professional translations’ capacity. Pearl Linguistics is successful because of the wide range of translation services they offer. From business and government translations to scientific and technical interpretations, Pearl Linguistics has the ability to meet nearly every client’s translation needs. Customer service and quality are valued highly by their expert team of highly qualified translation professionals.

Pearl Linguistics is a human-powered translation company, meaning that they never rely on machine translations to provide award-winning, accurate and cost-effective service. Every translation performed by their team is done through professionals who understand a language’s power and capability. The right translation, one that exhibits fluency and that is built out of an in-depth understanding, can improve the effectiveness of any communication. Pearl Linguistics experts have an expert understanding of both the language they’re translating, as well as the industry they’re translating for. Pearl Linguistics provides specialist that know their clients’ industries, and can easily and efficiently translate a communication into something that’s both powerful and effective.