Pacific Rim

Robots, Aleins, and Fights



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What is It?

Pacific Rim is a movie where an alien race has come to invade earth and "in order to fight monsters, they must create monsters of their own"
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The Jaeger

This massive robot is called a jaeger and it is designed to fight and kill the kaiju, an alien species which are coming from the ocean and are trying to take over earth. the jaeger is what you see above and these are just three of them.

The Kaiju

In the near future, colossal monsters identified as Kaiju have risen from an interdimensional rift in a crevice beneath the Pacific Ocean.


when an alien race comes to our world we must create giant robots to fight the kaiju to protect the world and keep us safe. Our story starts with gypsy danger who is called to fight the category 3 kaiju " knifehead " and also to save a fishing boat from it. Gypsy does intercept the kaiju but the two pilots Raliegh and Yancy are almost taken down and Yancy is killed but Gypsy Danger is able to pull through and kill knifehead

Rising Action

After the accident Raleigh quits the jaeger program and tries to live a normal life. He is now working on a kaiju defense wall but stacker gets him back into the jaeger program when he learns that the jaeger program is coming to an end. When he gets there he meets Mako Mori who hopes of becoming a pilot someday. Raleigh gets introduced to the last four jaegers and their pilots. Raleigh is trying to find a good partner but none are good enough except for Mako who is the best and all the jaegers are soon called to fight two category 4 kaiju Leatherback and Otachi.


when all four pilots go to fight the kaiju the teams, Crimson Typhoon and Chermo Alpha and Striker Eureka is put out of commission so gypsy danger has to kill both kaiju. the jaeger program congratulates their win and mourn for the loss of the two teams.