TCEA Goodies

We Are Inspired!!

Chatterpix app - FREE

Animate images - make them speak

App mashing - using multiple apps to create a project

Morfo app - FREE

Jing - online and FREE - free recording website....provides URL
Jing - like Camtasia, but it gives you a URL (5 minute recording)....uploads to

50 gigybytes of free online space

Michelle Maxon's TCEA finds
Pop The Bubbles -
Feed the Monster
Brush Teeth

Rosalind Wiseman - Free downloadable book for boys

Google drive - Monica Martinez - many tutorials

Rachelle's TCEA finds - animation - presentation website - take the advertisements and extra 'stuff' off the YouTube video

QuadBlogging - Terri A. - Blog with other schools around the world! - example of Carpenter Elem. teacher blogging with other countries.

Amy Carson's goodies

Green Screen app - Green screen projects - easy to use

Story Visualizer app

Google tips

Image search - Advanced option to find copyright free images - blank wall to add images and text

Melanie's Goodies

Evernote - in evernote, find evernote email address....send email to evernote from Outlook. Create a contact in Evernote so when sending emai, it will go to Evernote. In the subject of email, put name of folder in subject line with an @ in front of the folder name.

To tag a note - add # and then tag name

Copyright and Bytes and Sites

Haley Walace and Bytes and Sites Prezi - similar to Insight 360

Professional Development - - Flipped professional development

More TCEA Goodies - Check this out!

Cycloramic app -

Airsketch app - share your screen

Baiboard app - like Today's Meet