a guide to air

The Love machine AKA The Hand Boiler

This is a weird designed container made of glass with a big ball on top and bottom for liquid to sit in. In the middle is a route which the liquid flows. This uses Gay Lussac's Law which happens when temperature of a container increases pressure inside the container increases increases.

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balloon barometer

as the heat increases the air expands creating pressure in the balloon expanding it and when its put in cold water it contracts because of negative pressure.
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magical jelly

This is a container that is filled with water and has jellyfish inside. this container uses Boyle's law, which is as the pressure goes up the volume goes down. P1V1=P2V2 To translate that, when we squeezed the bottle it created pressure inside the container which made the jellyfish sink.
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pressure heater

as pressure builds in the bottle the temperature rises because there is such a large concentration of atoms in a small area
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