WDHS Physical Education

Class Syllabus

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Western Dubuque High School

302 5th Ave SW
Epworth, IA 52045

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Course Description

Physical education is designed to develop students' physical, psychomotor, social and affective skills through a wide range of activities. This course will include team and individual activities as well as regular exercise and running. Each student is evaluated each class through heart rate monitors (provided by the school) in order to help assure that goals are met.

Classroom Rules

1. Be in the proper area of the gym and ready to take role before the the bell finishes ringing.
2. After role is taken get dressed and then report back to the gym.
3. Activities will start and stop on the instructor's command.
4. Always come prepared for class with all the equipment needed (clothes, shoes, socks, ect...)
5. NO soda/food in the gym or locker room.
6. NO cussing/swearing in class or disrepecting other classmates.
7. NO horseplay.
8. Be courteous and respectful to the instructor and classmates.
9. Everything must be picked up and put in the proper place before anyone leaves to dress.
10. After you get dressed you must return to the designated area in the gym until the bell rings.
11. Locker rooms must be kept clean.
12. Students will be responsible for bringing a lock to put on their gym locker.
13. HAVE FUN!!!


This course will follow the WDHS Grading Scale

Grading Structure
Students will be graded on the following areas:
  • Daily Points: 20pts each class
  • Heart Rate Goals: Points will vary

Daily Points:
  • Proper Clothing: 10pts
  • Activity Participation: 10pts

Unit Schedule

Unit 1: Tennis / Softball / Power Walking
Unit 2: Flag Football / Soccer / Fitness Circuit
Unit 3: Basketball / Floor Hockey / Pickle Ball
Unit 4: Volleyball / Team Handball / Bowling
Unit 5: Cooperative Games / Tchoukball / Cardio Kick

About Me

My name is Sean Buerger and I am from Farley, Iowa. I attended and graduated from Western Dubuque high school in Epworth. While attending Western Dubuque, I played two years of football, four years of basketball, and 4 years of baseball. I have three siblings (two younger brothers and an older sister). I recieved a degree in physical educatino from the University of Dubuque. I enjoy watching my brothers compete in football, basketball, and baseball. I am an avid sports fan and my favorite teams are the Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago Cubs.