Los Angeles

Made by Benjamin S


Have you ever wanted to see Michael Jackson’s house?Well if yes hear these interesting facts Los Angeles’s full name was El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Ángeles del Río Porciúncula. Did you know Michael Jackson was the king of pop? Did you also know that Michael Jackson lived in Los Angeles?Well if you wanna hear more you gotta read my paragraphs on Los Angeles and some interesting facts

Culture Of Los Angeles

L.A.’s food culture is different from Iowa’s because they have different food like L.A. street dogs and tacos,burgers and some other interesting foods like enchiladas chiluba's that’s L.A’s amazing culture also the food taste live HEAVEN!

Intresting facts

Now i want to show you 3 interesting facts about L.A. A lot of famous people live in Los Angeles. There is a lot of good interesting foods in Los Angeles and Los Angeles is a really big place.


After ALL of the research I want to got to Los Angeles now. I would love to go to see Michael Jackson’s house.It would also be cool to see the full sign of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a really big place with many people. I am really hopeful to go there one day, and it will be fun!

Why i want to go to Los Angeles

I would like to go to Los Angeles for many reasons. I want to see Michael Jackson’s house because he was a famous pop singer, and I love him. Another reason is why I want to visit Los Angeles because the weather is amazingly nice all of the time. Hopefully I will also see other really famous people :).