Animal Trainer

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1.)what career did you choose to explore/why?2.)what does a person with this job do?3.)what kind of education would need to have this job?4.)approximately how much money would you make with job?5.)how many of these jobs are there in the United States?6.)in the future will this job become more or less popular?7.)what are jobs that are similar to this one?


1.)I chose an animal trainer because I really like being around animals.2.)a person with this job will train animals for ridding,harnessing, performance, obedience, and or service.3.)I will need my high school diploma and certain skills.4.)$11.62 dollars an hour5.) 2012-41,600 jobs in the US.6.)this job will increase to 2022-47,700.7.)similar jobs to this one are Dog and cat behavior specialist, guide dog instructor, and a horse trainer.
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