The Best Weekend Ever

By: Corey

The Best Weekend Starts Today

we have lots of things to do and trust me its going to be fun!!!! We can do so much and we wont get in trouble. We can leave the house when ever :) we will have loud and fun music. We can have people come over....... KELSEY WILL NOT BE HERE SHE HAS TO WORK BUT AFTER WORK SHE WILL BE HERE SHE WORKS TODAY AND TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!

My Rules

  1. Yes we will have rules because i dont want any stupid drama.
  2. when we have people no being weird.
  3. Dont get freaky with zach that means no holding hands or any touching!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. when it gets dark we have to put the golf cart up because theres no lights and if i crash it i will get in trouble.
  5. everyone has to be nice.\
  6. you may not just get up and do your own stuff
  7. you may not leave people out.
  8. dont take bad pictures. Eight
  9. yes if i say im done or no i mean it and just remember im not afraid to snap.

Stuff we can do

  • ride the golf cart
  • ride the four wheeler
  • watch movies and or tv
  • watch netflix
  • listen to music
  • boy talk
  • go to the park
  • go get friends
  • make up
  • snapchat it
  • beats pil!!!!
  • trampoline
  • text people
  • sneak out
  • social media time
  • find weird place to sleep
  • talk about school
  • stair sledding
  • make Halloween plans
  • cleb crush
  • write letters to people
  • Christmas letter (maybe)
  • and weird dream talk