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A hard drive is nothing more than a magnetised storage area. Your Operating System is stored on your hard drive, as well as all your software programmes, like Microsoft Word.


In general, optical or optical technology refers to anything that relates to light or vision, whether it be visible light or infrared light that performs a specific function. For example, optical fibre like that shown to the right is a type of wire commonly made out of glass or plastic that carries light signals.


A monitor ranges in many different fields where, a computer monitor is defined as a display output hardware of a computer, a machine code monitor s a programming device that enables users to view and change memory locations on a computer.


An input device is any hardware that sends data to the computer. Without one, a computer would only be a device for display and no interaction with it would be possible. Input devices include; webcams, scanners, keyboards, microphones, joysticks, gamepads and many others.


Output devices are peripherals that receive instructions or commands from a computer and present it to you. Speakers are an output as well as the monitor and video card that deliver the screen image.


A type of display screen that pointing device such as a mouse or light pen, you can use your finger to point directly to objects on the screen.