KMS 6th Grade Parent Update

September 19-23

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Tuesday Sept. 20 Picture Day

School picture order forms are available to pre-order. Students will have their pictures taken on Tuesday during their PE classes.

Friday Sept. 23 Pillar Mountain. Hike

Permission slips due by Thursday, Sept. 23. Return to Ms. Doud, 6th grade Science teacher.

Parent Volunteers needed. Contact KMS 6th grade Office for more information. (907) 486-7459

iPads Charged

Please remind your student to charge their iPad each night. Students are using them regularly each day and the iPad needs to be fully charged.

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CTE Explorations students are finishing a Puzzle Cube Design project. This project has been challenging students to follow a design process and a set of projects constraints. The students are learning to work collaboratively in teams and to respect each other and their differences. Many of the projects we will work on in CTE Explorations will require students to work in teams. We have spent time in class learning about team building and understanding success and failure. This coming week we will begin a unit on Safety in preparation for working with tools and equipment in the lab.
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Last week in ELA, we worked on our Class Contracts and taking our FastBridge Assessment for reading. Next week, we will ensure that our class contracts are being followed and inviting the iPads into the classroom. We will be discussing the “Minimum Writing Expectations” for grade 6, as well as how to write a proper email depending on the recipient. This will be a fun way for us to get to know each other and practice our writing skills. As always, we will also be reading to start each class, and students should be reading at home each night.
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Welcome to 6th Grade Math! Over the past few weeks, we have done some "get to know you" activities as a class to build a class community, including discussing expectations for working with partners and groups. We have been reviewing and practicing multiplication on "Multiplication Mondays," starting with whole number multiplication and moving on to decimal multiplication as students are ready to advance. We are also doing a fun unit on data which involves looking at statistical questions and doing some class surveys and hands-on activities which we can collect data for. Look for an independent project on collecting data - coming soon! Now that we have settled into the school year, there will be one math homework assignment per week on Schoology, and several in-class graded assignments per week. 6th grade students are doing AMAZING - feel free to ask them what a statistical question is, and they should be able to tell you (even if you have forgotten the definition yourself!) Thanks for sharing your children with us. I'm so proud of them already. :)
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This week we have started learning how to use the Notability App by creating a classroom map. We also practiced navigating the Schoology class and turning in an assignment online. Students also reviewed the class syllabus. Ask them to show you their classroom map!
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Next week we will learn about tides and other impacts that the moon has on Earth. Then we will prepare for our first science test on Thursday! To prepare for our test we will work on a review sheet, we will play review games, and take a practice test.
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This week in GT, grade 6 students discussed norms of collaboration, what GT is, and began brainstorming what projects and learning experiences they will be able to embark upon. Next week, GT pullout will meet on Wednesday, September 21st during Period 3. Any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out at!

Volunteer Opportunities

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