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President Roosevelt's Accomplishments

Roosevelt, the Great Compromiser

In 1901, Theodore Roosevelt became President of the United States. When a major coal strike occurred in 1902, Roosevelt called both coal company representatives and coal miner workers to the White House. President Roosevelt threatened to have the federal government take over the mines if the coal companies didn't make better changes for their workers. This became known as Roosevelt's Square Deal. Because Roosevelt was looking out for both the companies and their workers, he forced people to compromise on issues.

Roosevelt regulated unsafe foods and dangerous medicines

President Roosevelt supported the Meat-Inspection Act, which was passed in 1906. This act required the federal inspection of meat processing to ensure sanitary conditions in meat markets and factories. Roosevelt also pushed for the Pure Food and Drug Act. This act was passed in 1906 as well. The Pure Food and Drug Act banned interstate shipping of impure food and the deliberate mislabeling of food and medicine.

While out hunting, President Roosevelt earned the nickname "Teddy" when he spared a black bear cub's life. Teddy Bears soon hit the shelves in stores.

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Roosevelt promoted conservation and protection of America's wilderness

President Roosevelt set aside thousands of acres to create National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries.