By Mary Bowers and Jermeisha Allen

What's The Big Deal?

Are you tired of passing your soccer ball to yourself?

Try the Boomerang Ball, it solves all of your soccer problems.But, why would

you ever by this? Let's say that

you're wanting to punt the ball in a certain place.

If you punt a soccer ball by yourself

(I'm sure you know this), you're

the one that has to go get it.

If you have a Boomerang Ball, all

you have to do is kick it in the right place,

and you're good! Although--if you kick it some where you

don't want it to go, then you better start running.

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How It Works

So, how does this Boomerang Ball work, anyway?? Well, if you get the Boomerang Ball, you also get two cones. If you kick, punt, or throw the ball in between the cones, the ball zips right back to you. The cones have a special sensor that tells when the ball has been kicked in between the cones. The soccer ball has a special chip in the center of it. The chip triggers the sensor in the cones.

You have to where special soccer cleats if you want this to be successful. Your soccer cleats will pull the ball towards you when you hit it between the cones. The special cleats have light-weight magnets in the soles of the shoes. When you kick the Boomerang Ball into the chosen spot, the ball will zip strait towards you. All because of your cleats!

There is no limit to how high you want to kick the ball. If it's in between the cones, it'll still come back!

Our Opinion

We think that this invention will most likely be used by kids that have no other siblings, parents that work late, etc. This product can be used by any age soccer player that wants to test their soccer skills. Maybe this item could be transferred to other sports, such as football or Frisbee.
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COST: $30.00