Robotics Technician

Interesting facts about the careers in the field of robotics

What does a Robotics Technician do?

A Robotics technician features a series of careers which involve designing, manufacturing, testing, and overall technologically enhancing today's robotics. The picture to the right can be found here

Why I chose this career?

I would like to apply in this field of work because, I am very interested in the science behind robotics, and spend lots of time using robotics. Before you can apply for a job you'll need a good background in math, science you'll need to be educated in the science of hydraulics pneumatics, Electronics, systems, microprocessors, depending on the career you've chosen.

Requirements and Branch of science

To obtain a career in robotics you must at least finish high school and get 2 years n robotics training, but if you want a higher paying job you may need a Masters or a PHD in robotics, it all depends on your career of choice. Picture found here

Salary facts

The median annual salary of a robotics Technician is about 51,160$, with an median of 24$ an hour.