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For the Week of Nov 6, 2023

Working together; succeeding together.

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As we are all Treaty people, we take time to honor the land of Treaty 6 and all that it offers for us and our families through many generations. This land has served as a traditional meeting ground, gathering place, and traveling route for the Cree, Dene, Nakota, Saulteaux, and Ojibway People since time immemorial. We recognize this land as the homeland of Metis Nation Eastern Region II. We honor the ancestors and footsteps that have fallen in these lands. We also acknowledge that our use of this land has come at a cost, the cost of colonialism and the residential school system. We commit to working together toward reconciliation and forging a better path forward.

Lest We Forget

Many years ago I was speaking at our school Remembrance Day service about the meaning of Lest We Forget. In that address, I spoke about the privilege that our youth enjoyed having never experienced a major conflict. I spoke about how our world was far more peaceful and that a wonderful side effect of that, was that most youth didn't understand, can't comprehend the horrors of war. I went on to talk about how young men and women, some no older than our students had answered their country's call, and stood up for what was right and just. Some, many, of those young men and women had, in fact, made the ultimate sacrifice, laying their life before the altar of freedom.

We live in a very different world today. Recently two wonderful young ladies left our Bears family to continue their journey. These young ladies had been like the youth I spoke to many years ago, or at least I hope they were like those youth, blissfully ignorant of the many horrors or war and conflict. However, their world had been torn apart by the invasion of their country, Ukraine, by Russia. Almost overnight they had gone from largely carefree youth to refugees fleeing the horrors of war. Even with these girls as part of our Bears family, many of Bears remain sheltered from war and conflict, living a life where war is something we see on the news, not in our cities and towns. This is a privilege that, as we are now starkly aware, is not enjoyed by all youth in the world. The ongoing war in Gaza further highlights the privilege of where we live and the life we enjoy.

This privilege has not come without cost and is not maintained without cost. Many young men and women still heed the call to serve in defense of their country and in defense of their freedom. With no draft or required military service in Canada, these men and women truly choose to make the sacrifices they do including giving up time with family and friends, as well as the ultimate risk of life and limb, to ensure that others can enjoy peace and freedom. It is a truly selfless act as, in defending and ensuring our peace and freedom, they must, at times, put themselves into places and situations that are far from peaceful. They shoulder what is awful so that we don't have to. They stand guard between our youth and the horrors of war, oftentimes youth themselves. For such an act, thankyou hardly seems enough and one day of remembrance is far from adequate. That is why this month we have been highlighting members of our Bears family who have or are currently serving. As one person put it in a Facebook comment, "The Bears have a brave heart." This is true, but for those bears who choose to serve their nation, it is especially true as they have gone above and beyond and for that, we are truly grateful.

To Clinton, David, Tyler, Christopher, William, Jaron, and any others who have served; thank you for your service, thank you for your sacrifice, thank you for ensuring that our youth never need to experience the fear, the terror, that comes with the uncertainties and horrors of war.

Thursday, Nov 9 will be a formal day and a no hat day.

Thursday, Nov 9 will be the School Remembrance Day service.


Edsby is an online tool and our primary mode of communication with our families. All new families should receive an email with an invitation to join. You will receive a separate invitation for each child, please allow about 15 minutes between invitations to ensure that the system does not get overwhelmed.

Edsby allows you to check on your child's current progress in their classes. Check our family handbook (link below) for a key to the completion codes that you will see in Edsby.

If you are having trouble accessing Edsby for any reason, contact the school and we will do our best to problem-solve with you.

Seen Around PPCS

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PPCS Book Fair

Come check out our book fair

Thursday, Nov 9, 6:00-8:00pm

Friday Nov 10, 3:30-5:30pm

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Next Staff vs. Student is

Family Calendar

Each month, we will be putting out a family calendar which will include major events for the month. We will do our best to be as comprehensive as possible, but please continue to check the Bear Blast for updates. This will include our home games and our practice times, as well as special events. We encourage families to print a copy (click the pdf file to download) of the calendar and keep it handy.
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Sr. Girls Volleyball

Congratulations to the Sr Girls Volleyball team on a great season and performance at Conference Volleyball. The girls travelled to Wadena for Conference playoffs on Saturday.

After facing adversity with injuries and missing players, the girls started slow in the first set getting used to the new rotation. They quickly recovered and completed the round robin undefeated making them first in their pool.

This put them in a semi-final match up against St Brieux. The girls played hard and battled back but were defeated 24-26 and 19-25 ending their season. They represented our school and community well and should be very proud.

Thank You to Our Coaches

Huge shout out to Miss Wallen, Mrs. Irving, Miss Fenedelet, Mrs. Mielke, and our community coach, Denita Bratton. The time you have put into cross country and volleyball is greatly appreciated. Our coaches put in many, many hours away from their own families to ensure that we have top-notch programs. They do it for the love of sport, the love of competition, and the love of giving our kids opportunities. Thank you is not enough, but thank you for all that you have done, are doing, and will do for our student-athletes.

Basketball Clothing Going On Sale

Just a heads up Bears backpacks and long-sleeve warm-ups will be ordered soon. This will be open to anyone to purchase.

Backback black Under Armor hustle backpack with bear logo and opportunity to add a player number. $65

Long sleeve t-shirt under armor, grey with yellow text. Front says Bears Basketball, back says Back in the lab!

Basketball style shorts.

Payment can be made through online. Please email Mr. Bloski ( with your order (Shirt size, Shorts Size, and Backpack number)

Volunteers and Athletes of the Month

Volunteer of the month.

Ms. Fendelet is new to Bears Athletics but has been quick to pick up the ball. She been adding her experience with volleyball by helping out coaching as well as officiating. She demonstrates the benefits of what extra curricular activities can bring to students, school and the building of lifelong relationships. Thank you for your help and good luck in your future in teaching and athletics.

Athletes of the Month

Amanda Mielke is one of our athletes of the month through her outstanding work in volleyball. Amanda is a skilled player but her biggest asset is her attitude, work ethic, refusal to quit, and motivation she brings to her squad. She is the type of player others respect her craft and listen to. Good work Amanda.

Ava Tiedjens is a very hard-working athlete. She always gives her full effort both at practice and during games. She is a positive leader on her team and helps build her teammates up to help them play better. She is always working to improve her play and takes feedback well. Nice job Ava.

Community Events

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Hot Lunches

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Check Your Punch Card Balance

Please note, as we get used to this new system, please be aware that punch card balances may be up to 1 week behind.

You can click the button below to check on how much your child has left on his/her punch card. To help support privacy, we have developed account numbers for each student. The account number is their grade followed by the last 4 digits of the phone number we have on file. For example, my son Noah is in grade 5. His account number would be 059017.

Once you click the link below and find your child's account number, you will see a number to the left of their account number (i.e. 17). That number will not change, so you only have to remember that number going forward.

We hope that this will help our families.

Scan me to check your punch card balance.

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Jigs and Carolines are Back

Once again, Jigs and Carolines will be offering hot lunches on Wednesday and Friday. Please order directly from them. Stay tuned.

It's going to be a #wonderFULLyear