Come to Indian Island!

-Deanna Dunne Per.1 Dec.2

A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity!

Indian Island is the most talked about island on the Devon Coast. Everybody wants to visit it, and you can go for free. I am Mr. Owens and I am inviting you to stay at Indian Island in a huge mansion for free.

"The sea and perfect peace...there was something magical about an island...a lost touch with the world, an island has a world of it's own" -Dr.Armstrong


I am a proud supporter of Indian Island. It is a beautiful place with a huge fancy mansion. I am even inviting ten people to stay for the weekend for free. Indian Island is full of beauty and mystery. It's a fantasy, according to Dr.Armstrong, and i agree with him! I love this island. I have stayed many times and can't get enough of it.

Why You Should Come?

There is a giant white mansion off of the water with a beautiful view. The house comes with a maid and butler. The maid will also prepare all your meals. You wont have to do a thing. You each also get your own rooms with the nursery rhyme, "Ten Little Indians" engraved in the wall to go along with the theme of the Island.
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