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Gallbladder - a pouch that holds bodily fluids.

Heart - most important organ in the body.

Kidney - excretes urine.

Liver - large organ used for metabolic purposes.

Pancreas - secretes digestive enzymes.

Small intestine - contains the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum.

Large intestine - contains the cecum, colon, and rectum.

Stomach - main portion of digestion happens here; links the esophagus to the small intestine.

Esophagus - connects the throat to the stomach.

Rectum - final section of the large intestine.

Claspers - a pair of appendages under the abdomen of a male shark or ray.

Lateral line - a visible line along the side of a fish consisting of a series of senserie organs that detect pressure and vibration.

Gills - respiratory organs of a fish, by which oxygen is taken from the water flowing over surfaces within or attached to the walls of the pharynx.


kingdom - Animal

Phylum - Chordate

Class - Chondrichthyes

Order - Squaliformes

Family - Squalidae

Genus - Spurdog

Species - Spiny Dogfish Shark


The average life span of the Spiny Dogfish Shark is 60 years in the wild according to the website of


The Spiny Dogfish sharks habitat exists in an oceanic environment from the surface of the water down to 2,400 feet of water or more.they prefer a temperature range of 6 - 11 degrees Celsius.
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