Morning Notes

Thursday 6 March

World Book Day & Literary Breakfast: Details!

8:15am - 8:45am:

All students, parents, and staff drop off breakfast items in the Canteen (These will be labelled and sorted by three student volunteers).

Go to Advisory and Lesson One.


All Halcyon Students and Teachers make their way down to the Canteen.

  • A few quick words from Ms. Dutton and Mrs. Jones
  • Goodie bag and voucher hand-outs

10:00am - 10:30am:

Official World Book Day Breakfast and socialise

  • Literary-themed activities
  • GoodReads sign up

10:30am - 11:10am:

Halcyon joins in the 40 minute "Read-A-Thon" in the Canteen.

All students, staff, and parents to read as a community.


Everyone to make their way to the Hub for the live author stream

11:30am - 12:15pm:

Live author stream with Robert Muchamore (Author of the Cherub Series)

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Visitor from 'The Day' newspaper

Today, we will have someone coming in from The Day newspaper. They want to see how we use The Day in class, from using translated articles in our languages lesson to writing our opinions on articles for part of Project Gallagher. Please let Ms. Dutton know your favourite lessons involving the Day.

Talking of The Day - here are some articles to support this week's motion for Debate Club, "This house would make food technology compulsory in both primary and secondary schools." Here are some fantastic articles to give students some inspiration...or food for thought!"

Check out Grade 7's PSE Campaign

Click the link below:

Message from Gin Club!

Hello, this is the GIN Club here to present the Habitat Project. You may have noticed the 10 photos of various habitats on the hub door (at the bottom). The GIN Club is trying to raise funds for one of these habitats, but it's up to you to decide which one. We have sent out a Google Form with the options, be sure to fill it out this morning.

iPad updates

To all students:

Please remember to complete your iPad Operating System updates at home this weekend! Some of you may need to clear off data like videos and images in order to complete the update. If needed, please ask Mrs. Crannell for any help.

Thank you.

Remember one of our School Rules? No Gum!

Please remember that you are not allowed to chew gum at Halcyon.

Thank you.

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Upcoming Trip: EAL Podcast Walk, Thursday 13 March

Students Mavi, Fra, Hermione, Dada, Hans and Frida will take part in an EAL Podcast walk on Thursday 13 March. The trip will be leaving right after lunch.

Students must bring sensible walking shoes, waterproof clothing/ an umbrella, and a charged iPad.

Thursday’s Menu


Fresh Green Pea and Mint

Main Course:

Cheese and Tomato Quiche with garnish


Basmati rice and Punjabi Dahl Makhani and Naan Bread

Salads & Sides:

Cucumber Raita

Greek Salad

Mixed Salad


Apple Crumble with Custard


Spring Greens Smoothie


Fresh Fruit



Lost and Found items?

Please visit Mia in the school office on the 1st floor.

Lost items:

2 Halcyon PE jumpers,

1 blue knit Gap jumper

1 Grey Super dry long sleeved shirt

A plastic budgens bag containing an umbrella and camera lens.