Research Presentation

By Marc Rosa

Country Basics

The name of my country is malta and the capital of malta is called valletta and the meaning of their flag is the colors of the knights of saint john who ruled malta.


Malta is in the continent of euope and the latitude and longitude for malta is 35..899 N,14.5172 E and the countries surrounding malta are italy and libya. malta has no mountains no rivers and has no hills. and the bodies of water in malta are peter's pool,blue lagoon, and inland sea.

Government of Malta

Malta is a parliamentary republic with its leader Marie louise coleiro preca and the citizens rights and roles are that they are expressly non-actionably,legislatively removable.

Economy of Malta

Malta is a poor nation and uses money called maltese lira then switched to money called euro and their imports and exports are animal husbandy,fishing, and forestry and the life expectaney is 80.25 years the birth rate is 1.43 births per woman the literacy rate is 92.4 and the drinking sourceis from ground water from st.peterburg aquifer.

Culture of Malta

People of Malta wear the same clothes as american's and they speak a language called malti and they speak english. And their major celebrations are new year's day,feast of the immaculate conception,republic,christmas and their religion is roman catholicism and their beliefs are lenten season,christmas and catholic rituals like weddings and baptisms.

Malta's climate

The general weather conditions of Malta are mostly clear becoming partly cloudy and their average yearly rainfall is approximately 600mm(24inches). And the temperature is an average temperature of 27 C(80 F) and the climate effects the country because factories have been releasing carbon dioxide in the air.

Malta's History

During world war 2 there was heavy bombing by german and italian air forces targeting allied bases. In 1987 victory of nationalist party marks move toward european intergration.Eddie fenech adami becomes prime minister.

Compare and Contrast of Malta and the USA

Both the Malta and the USA language is english and malta people wear american clothes.But they have different food and reliogion.