Spinal and Skull Chordoma

Chordoma effects about 300 people per year.

About chordoma cancer, its diagnosis and symptoms:

Chordoma is a form of bone cancer that is difficult to treat and tends to come back after being treated. This cancer is very rare. It is diagnosed through the effects it has on you. Like pain, weakness, or pins and needles. Chordoma in the skull could cause blurry vision and headaches.

What are the treatment options? What are the cures?

After the current treatment of surgery and radiation, there are no other treatment options and because it is so rare it is hard to find a better cure for this rare cancer.

How often does this cancer occur?

This type of cancer is extremely rare and only occurs in 1 in 1 million people and only 1% of that damage the brain and or spinal cord.

How long can someone live after being diagnosed?

People live up to, about, seven years after every procedure is taken. Chordoma can occur at any age.

What are the possible cause for this type of cancer?

This cancer is effective, mainly, on the lower area of your brain and along your vertebrae.


  • headaches

  • neck pain

  • blurred vision

related words and their meaning:

  • diagnosis (symptoms)

  • radiological (nuclear radiation)

  • tumors (rapid cell growth)

  • notochord (supports body)

  • mutations (change (in cells))