Type: Parliamentary form of government, president second in authority to the State Great Hural.
Independence: 1921; democratic reform and shift from dependence on the former Soviet Union declared 1990.
Constitutions: 1960 and February 12, 1992.
Branches: Executive--power is divided between a president (elected by a popular election in May 1997) and prime minister (current cabinet nominated by the prime minister was formed in August 2000 by the State Great Hural, which was elected in July 2000). Legislative--State Great Hural (76 deputies). Judicial--Constitutional Court is empowered to supervise the implementation of the constitution, makes judgment on the violation of its provisions, and solves disputes. Legal code based on Continental and Russian law is under revision. No provision for judicial review of legislative acts. Legal education at Mongolian State Univ. and private universities. Mongolia accepts ICJ jurisdiction.
Political parties: 24 announced political parties (19 listed under "Government" section).
Suffrage: Universal at 18.

Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj


Chimed Saikhanbileg

Prime minister

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level of development:developing

GDP per capita

$4,800 (2011, PPP)


Population living below poverty:29.8%


$5.272 billion (2015 est.)

$5.825 billion (2014 est.)

country comparison to the world: 109

Exports - commodities:

copper, apparel, livestock, animal products, cashmere, wool, hides, fluorspar, other nonferrous metals, coal, crude oil

Exports - partners:

China 95.3% (2014)


$3.923 billion (2015 est.)

$4.738 billion (2014 est.)

country comparison to the world: 134

Imports - commodities:

machinery and equipment, fuel, cars, food products, industrial consumer goods, chemicals, building materials, cigarettes and tobacco, appliances, soap and detergent

Imports - partners:

China 41.5%, Russia 27.4%, South Korea 6.5%, Japan 6.1% (2014)

Lives of the People

the people living under poverty is a lot more compared to the USA, the USA only has 4.5% while Mongolia has almost 30%


Naadam festival. The Mongolian national holiday Naadam is celebrated in Mongolia each year on 11 July. "Eriin gurvan naadam" the three manly games of wrestling, horse racing, and archery- make up the core activities of the National day festivals.
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Batregzedmaa Bayartogtokh


National Academic Drama Theatr


the National Museum of Mongolia


  • 1Long song
  • 2Horse-head fiddle
  • 3Other traditional instruments
  • 4Throat singing
  • 5Court music
  • 6Pop music


most popular sport is wrestling and is included in the festival
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Mongolian National Anthem

Дархан манай тусгаар улсДаяар монголын ариун голомтДалай их дээдсийн гэгээн үйлсДандаа энхжиж, үүрд мөнхөжнөХамаг дэлхийн шударга улстайХамтран нэгдсэн эвээ бэхжүүлжХатан зориг, бүхий л чадлаарааХайртай Монгол орноо мандуулъяӨндөр төрийн минь сүлд ивээжӨргөн түмний минь заяа түшижҮндэс язгуур, хэл соёлооҮрийн үрдээ өвлөн бадрааяЭрэлхэг Монголын золтой ардуудЭрх чөлөө жаргалыг эдлэвЖаргалын түлхүүр, хөгжлийн тулгуурЖавхлант манай орон мандтугай


Mongolia is a country imbued with the glimmer of a legendary past of epic proportions and a place full of immense possibilities today. Modern day Mongolia is a nation building a new place for itself in a world transformed by technology, global economics, large political changes and rapid regional development.

Despite massive industrial and technological development in nearby countries, Mongolia is maintaining much of its ancient traditional culture while steadily adapting to an enormously changed world. Once famous mainly for being the launch point of the colossal Mongol Empire and its founder Chinggis Khan, Mongolia is going through yet another remarkable transformation.

While the country is still finding its way through the difficult transition from a socialist system to a market economy.


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