Ella's Excellent Toddlers

Happy Fall everyone!!!

I for one am very excited about the arrival of fall, because it means football, fabulous weather, and all the delicious hot beverages you can get your hands on! I will do my very best to practice self-control and not teach all your children to call the dawgs, but it's going to be tough.

We just finished another excellent week and your kiddos continue to amaze me with how much they can learn and how hilariously adorable they can be. This week, Miss Ginger played the part of "Miss Wishy Washy" so our class got to go visit her and see her in a fabulous costume while singning silly songs about muddy farm animals. Miss Ginger also set up a sensory room for us to visit, and the kiddos absolutely loved it. If you ever run into Ginger in the hall make sure to thank her, because she puts a TON of time and effort and love into making sure all the kids have a great time here at Weekday.

This week we read lots and lots of stories, counted pigs on the floor, and made a HUGE art project. We had lots of "specials" outside the classroom and the kids did an awesome job with all the transitions.

One bit of not so fabulous news before the photo-fest...Miss Elise's availability has changed and she will no longer be with us on Thursdays. We are working as fast as possible to snag a replacement for her, but until then we will have some awesome subs join us. More friends = more fun!

As promised, now the endless stream of photography preciousness...