Ankle problem- Jesus Pinon

My Memoir

Obstacle overcome

My ankles were both hurting whenever I ran or walked for a long time or distance. My mom took me to the doctor of figure. What the doctor told me was I might of needed surgery. I was scared out of mind but the doctor told me he wanted to make sure it was that case so he appointed me to take MRI pictures. "He showed us the x-rays and told me that my bones in my right inner foot were growing together. He told me that this could really damage my foot so he would have me appointed to have surgery in my inner right foot. When I heard this my palms felt sweaty, my head was feeling dizzy, and I could see my mom eyes in fear. We heard hope though, the doctor told us he made appointment for me to take a MRI to make sure this was the case. I thought to myself, I really hope this wasn't the case." The obstacle I had to face was reality. When the doctor told me I might of needed a surgery, I immediately thought of outcomes. What I thought was, what if the surgery wasn't successful? What if something went wrong? All of this is real life threats. I was scared out of my mind also because I never been through a surgery before in my life. "I thought to myself, I really hope this wasn't the case. Surgeries aren't 100% so I could come out of one with damage in my foot, I could lose my foot, or I can just simply do sport anymore." The way I overcome it was puting a serious face. Why? It was the only thing I could face a answer. I didn't want to freak out my mom, If I needed surgery my mom would of thought by looking through my face I would be prepared for any answer the doctor would have given us.

"My mom told me that everything would be ok but I told her this was reality not a movie. When we were seated in the doctors room, I put my serious face on and told myself that I have to accept whatever is coming. The doctor came inside and I got a headache but I still stared into him."

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Concluding statement

When I heard the doctor say I didn't need surgery I was happy to know that. I just needed to do some exercises to make my ankle more flexible. When I got home I talked to myself and I went to sleep in a amazing bed that night. " I laid in my bed , I told myself how serious and how brave I was to face reality and was thinking what sport I should do for high school. I once said you really don't know what you have until it's gone. I was glad I didn't lose anything and I never slept in a amazing bed until that night."

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