Rosa Parks Journal

Week of February 15th


"If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn’t need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around." -Jim Rohn

Hopefully everyone had a restful and wonderful long weekend. Unless there is a lot of snow in our forecast, this is our last break until Spring Break. So as we work in the upcoming weeks, here are some expectations that will help us keep our focus.

  1. Ensure that students are always safe.
  2. Teach ALL lessons the best you possibly can.
  3. Teach with love, patience, and understanding.
  4. Constantly assess the progress of ALL students and use this data to inform your instruction.
  5. Expect respectful behavior from all student and understand students grow along a continuum.
  6. Integrate the use of technology in your lessons whenever possible.

I know that from time to time, we may face many challenges, but the one thing about our staff here at Rosa Parks, is that we do whatever it takes to make sure our students are growing as learners. Continue the work you do for our students......


10th Annual Rosa Parks Day Reminder........

TEACHERS ALL ESSAYS ARE DUE BY FRIDAY!!!! This is a very important timeline so that essays can be emailed to Mr. Brown who will pick the finalist for the Rosa Parks Day. If your students had some difficulty with the topic please consider the topic below, that may help some of our students.

What are some of the decisions you make now good or bad, big or small that could effect your life and others in the world in years to come?

Parent/Teacher Conferences....

Teachers please make sure that we are collaborating with each other for parent teacher conferences. Many of our students have siblings in other classrooms, please share times so that we don't inconvenience our parents. Remember Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for February 25th & March 1st.

Upcoming Dates / Events

Monday 2/15 - No School

Tuesday 2/16 -After School Tutoring

Wednesday 2/17 - PBS 7:45am: Principal PLC(Comer)

Thursday 2/18 - After School Tutoring: Principals Meeting 8:00am(Comer)

Friday 2/19-

Achieve 3000 Plan Ahead....

Just to give everyone a heads up. On 3/2/2016, a representative will be here from Achieve 3000 to provide on-going support. During that time the representative will share some information on how we can use Achieve 3000, to help prepare students for the State Testing. Please mark your calendars...


April 11, 2016 will be our next PRIDE recognition. During this Board Meeting we will honor the following:

  • Students in Grades 1, 3, & 5
  • 1 Teacher
  • 1 Classified employee

Please submit the nominations and t-shirt sizes no later than March 18th. When submitting recommendations please remember the following:

  • On building letterhead
  • 3 paragraphs
  • Double spaced
  • Times New Roman 12
  • Name of person submitting should be typed
  • Signed and dated by person submitting
  • T-shirt size