General Joseph F. Dunford Jr.

Commander, U.s. Forces, Afghanistan Age: 58

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General Joseph F. Dunford Jr. whas a Marine four-ster general and leader of NATO's coalition in Afghanistan.


What was an important event in this leader’s childhood? How do other people describe him/her?

Born: December 8, 1955 in Boston, Raised-Quincy, Massachusetts, in June 1977 he graduated from Saint Michael’s College, he earned commission the month of his college graduation, he graduated the United States Army War College, Amphibious Warfare School, and Ranger school, he has a Master of Arts degree in Government given to him at Georgetown University and a second Master of Arts given to him at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Degree in International Relations) at Tufts University.

What elements of leadership did your leader learn during his/her life? What examples from your leader’s life demonstrate those traits?

Most likely General Joseph F. Dunford Jr. learned Bureaucratic Leadership, which means that Bureaucratic leaders follow rules rigorously and ensure that their people follow procedures precisely. He also most likely learned Charismatic Leadership, which means that Charismatic leadership resembles transformational leadership. Both types of leaders inspire and motivate their team members.

What leadership traits do you share with your leader? How might you use those leadership traits in your future?

I guess I share both kind of because I follow rules pretty, which is Bureaucratic Leadership, well and make sure that others do to. I also am very inspirational and motivating to others.

Which character trait do you think was most helpful for your leader and why?

I think that Bureaucratic Leadership was most important for Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. because he made sure that everyone was safe and did what they were supposed to do.

What about him or her makes you want to follow or emulate him or her?

I like that he is giving his life to the citizens’ of America for our freedom and is serving our country voluntarily.

Do leaders have to demonstrate all the leadership traits to be effective? Why or why not?

I don’t think that leaders have to show all leadership traits to be effective on others’. As long as they show at least one trait then I think that is perfectly fine.

List qualities you need to develop in order to be an effective leader.

Some of the many qualities that you need to develop in order to be an effective leader are: Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Thoughtfulness, Loyal, etc. etc.


An interviewer asked General Joseph Dunford Jr. “What background and experience, including joint duty assignments, do you possess that you believe qualifies you to perform these duties?”

General Dunford Jr. said, “I have served in a variety of key service and joint assignments within the Department of Defense that I believe qualify me to perform the duties of Commandant. I have commanded Marines from the platoon-level to the Marine Expeditionary Force and currently lead our Joint and Coalition partners as the Commander of both United States Forces and the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. In addition to these leadership assignments, I have served as the Vice Director of Operations for the Joint Staff, the Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies, and Operations, and the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps.”