Emma Peele


one problem in the book was the character vs self the name of the person was lyric jones . Lyric was a famous pop star who was ah total reck emotionally and physically. I think an alternate solution should of been lyric going to rehab or getting some kind of mental therapy . Treatment to her depression would of made her ah stronger person in the book.

Down in the Dumps

If i could remove one character from the story it would be the head bodyguard Kane . In my opinion he was somewhat irrelevnt in the story because all he did was be a jerk . He didnt really play ah big part of the story as they made it seem . Most of the time all kane did was talk about hard situations and it didnt help Lyric jones .

Fab Five Favs

1. ''Show up, do what you need to do , move to the next show and do it all over again''. This quote means do everything again how you did it before its just easy that way to stick to a certain everyday plan to get things done.

2.'' it was a wake up call that said her life was out of control and she allowed it to be so'' . The whole reason her life is a mess becuse she let it happen that way by doing all this crazy stuff and spireling out of anger and hurt .

3. ''Im a good girl on wheels when given the right motivation'' Lyris can be a better person and keep getting better if shes given some inspirtion to do good in life .

4. ''Good things shouldent be easy , you'll work hard at it and it wil be all the sweeter for it''. This means that if you work hard for the good thingseven tho their hard in life it will be so much worth it in the long run .

5. '' She was like an exspnsive exotic car ,you might test drive one but you nevr signed the dotted line and definatly couldent afford the insurance ''. You couldent have ah life with a girl thats too much and not in your league .

Face to Face

1. why would you think conner would sell you out after all the both of you been through together? Lyric- Im not a very trusting person all my life I had issues with letting people in .

2. why make yourself feel worse by sleeping with your original bodyguards ? Lyric - it was something to take the pain away .

3. why didn't you ever try to get help instead of dealing with all the emotional abuse yourself ? Lyric-'' it was just easier that way no one to bring up my past and as long as I kept away from it everything was ok'' .

4. Do you think you'll marry conner ? Lyric''-Yes maybe one day''

5. you were out of control and didn't care about your pride at first what made you wanna do that ? ''Lyric-Acting out would never make anyone know the real me it was better for the people and fans to think of me like that'' .

6. Why didn't you wanna punch her manager for selling lyrics tragic life story of abuse an rape ? Conner-'' he's getting what was coming to him ,no need to get all crazy even tho I wanted to kill him for selling her out like that'' .

7.What made lyric Jones so breathtaking ? Conner- she was beautiful because of how she looked at things in life and the pain she has suffered all her life .

8. If you could trust Conner with your life story why not tell his family and trust them as well ?Lyric-'' the less people who who knew the better I felt something with Conner , he was the first person I could open up to ''.

9. What made you want to open up to Conner and trust him ? Lyric - '' He looked at me more than what was just on the outside and it made me vulnerable to him , he was a good guy and at first hated me but the more I got to know hi and his family the more I wanted him to know me and why I acted the way I did'' .

10.Are you completely happy now ? Lyric - '' yes and no , yes because I have Conner with me and on my side and things are better for me now , No because there's always going to be minor set backs for me where it will be struggle to go through certain things because of the situations ive been through ''.

Sweet possesion summery

The book sweet possession was about a troubled pop star named lyric jones . Lyric was going on tour and she needed someone who could protect her because she was getting threatening emails and notes in her dressing room saying that she was gonna die . She met conner Malone who was going to be her bodyguard along the ride . At first the two of them didn't get along , She hated how he was a jerk and he hated how she was stuck up and rude and everyone wanted a piece of her . Conner didn't want the job hut his dad who is the head of the security services told him he had to do it . Lyric and Conner started to get attracted to eachother along the way and fell fo eachother but he couldent understand why she would act out or would get so angry all the time . When lyric was little her step father use to abuse her mom and when her mom left he would come into her room and rape her , one day her step father was drunk and her mom put her nder the sink and he got mad at her and he killed her mom right infront of her eyes .

lyric alwayshad a good voice so to chersish her mother she went out in the world and became a famous pop star . She was troubled tho all her life because she was terrified if someone knew about her past they would use it against her or her step father would find her . That was all until she met conner who changed her perspective on life , she opened up with him told him her inner most darkest secrets . she loved conner even tho she was afraid to trust They eventually caught who was threatening her , it was her 2 body guards that she use to sleep with so she wasent alone at night . Lyric started to trust more and things got better now that she lived her life with conner and his family and doing what she loved most which was music .