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December 17, 2018

Keeping you Informed

5forALL Focus

Each week I would like to highlight a technique or strategy that is part of 5forALL.

5forALL Infographic

This week I would like to focus on Structuring Accountable Interactions- See the file below with more information on how you can Establish Partners, Implementing Interactions Protocols, Promoting using a Scholarly Voice, and Eliciting a Range of Contributions.

IEP / 504 / SST Meeting Attendance

From talking to the staff I have found that over the years attendance at IEP /504 / SST meetings has never been an issue. I am finding this year that teachers are not responding to meeting requests or not showing up. I can't stress the importance of these meetings and the message it sends to parents. When we have parents reaching out for help we need to put on our own parent hats and remember we would want full support from our own children's teachers. I do realize that there might be some rare occasions you are unable to attend a meeting and when that is the case please communicate to who scheduled the meeting in advance with any input that would be needed for the meeting.

Saturday Academy Update

This last Saturday we had our first Saturday Academy with 43 students in attendance and 23 recovered absences. Carrie Lester and Tim Huhn came out to help our students. We recover ADA with each student that has had a full day absence at $44 a student! I anticipate after expenses we will recover over $500 for the school that can go back into our department budgets for 2019-2020. The goal is to host one a month in 2019 from January to May.

Horizontal PLC this week

Department Leads please have agendas to me and your team by the end of the day

Aeries and Communications

As a reminder, we should respond to parents within 48 hours of a call or email. I recommend 24 hours when possible. Also updating Aeries weekly or more is the best way for parents to monitor their students progress to make sure assignments are being completed.

Happy Holidays

Enjoy your next two weeks off! Spend time with family and friends and recharge those batteries. I wish everyone a happy holiday and New Year and will see you again in 2019!

Calendar for December

Thursday, December 20- PTSA Winter Staff Lunch

December 24 - January 4- Winter Break!

Have a Great Week!