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Friday, December 21st

Principal's Notes and Highlights

Happy Friday!

I remember when we filled out the application for Calvin to attend daycare. One of the questions was "What do you want your child to gain from this experience?". There were several lines available for me to write my answer, but I only needed one. I wrote, "For my child to be loved as if he is one of your own." While a short response, it carries great responsibility.

I think a lot about this in regards to our school. We have assembled an incredible group of adults who love your children. One day, I want Calvin and Audrey to be surrounded by them. That is not something I take lightly. I want the same for your children that I want for mine. We are not perfect. We do make mistakes, but we have your child's best interests at heart. Not just on our minds, but in our hearts.

Loving 352 students is a full-time job. I'm proud of our team, and I know they are ready to spend some time with their own families. I can speak for them when I say thank you for all the cards, gifts, and words of appreciation this week.

Last week, I shared with you Calvin's wishes for Christmas. I found an article that describes seven wishes every parent wants for their child. I could not have put it better myself.

7 Wishes Every Parent Has For Their Child

1. That they will forgive us for the mistakes, we've made in raising them, and know that we were only doing the absolute best that we could.

2. That they will be able to confide in us like a friend, but respect us enough to remember we are still their parent.

3. That they will find a career they are passionate about that brings them immense fulfillment and purpose.

4. That they will find someone to marry or share their life with that brings out the best in them.

5. That they will appreciate the body they've been given, and not be influenced by society's opinions on the matter.

6. That they will have enough joy in their life to override the inevitable heartbreak they will experience at some point.

7. That they will have a lifetime of health and wellness.

Hug them tight. Take time to enjoy the little things in life.

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year!


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It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later

Today, we wished Lily, Sruti, and Aswin well on their next adventure. They are all moving away over Winter Break. Hopefully, they come back and visit us soon. Once a Husky, always a Husky.
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Mary Poppins at Yes Cinema!

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Quarter 2 Husky Gram Drawing Winner

Congratulations to Megan, our Q2 Husky Gram Drawing Winner!

Above and Beyond Winners

Congratulations to these three for being recognized as our Above and Beyond Winners. The coaches and athletic director select one student from each sport. These three will be honored during EBL Super Saturday.

Santi Deluna- Boys Basketball

Sierra Battin- Cheerleading

Ellie Schlaudroff- Girls Basketball

Staff Spotlight

Who is that person working car line? The suggestion came up at a CIC meeting to share information about our staff so you can put a name with a face.

Mr. Nicholas Kohne

Mr. Kohne is the Music teacher at both CSA Lincoln and Fodrea. He also is responsible for the third grade Winter Concert. The concert is always very impressive. Especially, when you consider they only practice once a week!

In the Heart of an Image

We will be posting one photo each day over Winter Break on the CSA Lincoln Community Facebook page. Enjoy!

Max (photo)

Husky Gram Winners!

Kahlan Barber

Adela Garmene

Addaline Mullins

Cole Carpenter

Malissa Resendiz

Ayla Glick

Ellie Schlaudroff

Jace Gates

Lexie Dooley

Kaleb Roberts

Natalie Pickup

Ethan Gilley

Ali Fischvogt

Santi DeLuna

PTO Update

Reminder: Make sure to get our January events on your calendar as they will be fast approaching when we come back in the new year! Have a safe and happy holiday season and winter break, Huskies!

Winter FUNderland Volunteers Needed! http://signup.com/go/VBPsyyN

Important Dates:

PEP Night - 1/17/18
January PTO Meeting - 1/17/18 Winter FUNderland Festival - 1/18/18

Track the Train!

This link was shared with me and I have saved it as an icon on my phone. The status box will change when a train has been detected at Count Road 950 South, indicating that there may be an upcoming traffic backup at SR 46 West.



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