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Principal's Post

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with family and friends. As we move at a fast pace toward our next major holiday break, the excitement level in the building is rising to a fever pitch as our kiddos await the break and all the fun that comes with it. We will be doing our part this month to stick to routine as much as possible. We have several assessments this month to help us determine updated student growth and want our students to be in school and ready to do their very best. Thank you in advance for keeping up with your routines at home. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a reasonable bed time. Students need to be in bed, without technology or TVs, at a reasonable time which will afford them at least 10 hours of sleep. Elementary school students need sleep to recharge and for their brains to sort through all the information they learned throughout the day. Sleep is their friend and helps them in so many ways at school. Not only does sleep help with academics, but it also helps with behavior. Students are more likely to be in control and make good decisions if they have enough sleep each night. Below is a link to an article with more information about the benefits of sleep for child. If you are looking for a gift for your child this season and into the new year, the gift of a firm bed time that supports 10 hours of sleep would be a great gift that would keep on giving all day at school!

Roaring Readers

Thank you to all parents and family members who supported our students in November with their reading goals. We had 60% of our students meet or exceed their reading goal in November. YEA!!!! December is another opportunity for our lions to continue to read what they love and enjoy time reading a good book, article, or magazine.

Students Helping Other Students

Just as we did last year, Lincoln is participating in the Pennies for Patients fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We are asking students to donate pennies and spare change that they have to help kids suffering from blood cancers. We want students to know that you can help others, even if you don't know them, and it doesn't take a super grand gesture --it could just be a handful of pennies. We are encouraging students not to ask their parents for money. We are looking to have students look to what they have to give coins to donate. Last year we raised a little over $300 dollars. It was a fantastic donation from our students and we hope to have a nice donation to give this year too.

Friday, December 6th, every child received a box and a flier explain the fundraiser and prizes that they can earn. Truly we want students to feel positive about making a difference in someone's life who is fighting Leukemia or Lymphoma

Here is more information about our fundraiser (in addition to the video below):

Our fundraiser ends on December 19th. Please have your student turn in their donations to their classroom teacher no later than the 19th. We will send donations to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society over break.

Pennies For Patients: Join Our Squad

Grade Level Updates


Literacy/social studies connection:

We are starting a new unit focusing on then and now. We will learn the differences between clothing, technology, communication, transportation, and games/toys from the past and in the present. Please continue the list of sight words at home. New sight words are introduced weekly. Students can read more fluently when they have mastered these words. Please remember to read with your child each night and sign the reading log located in the blue folder.


We are working on adding numbers together in story problems and math games. Please continue working to identify and write numbers 1-20. Students need to be able to count to 50 by 1's and count to 100 by 10's. Continue working to identify coins.

First Grade

First Grade continues to LEAP FOR LEARNING as we make progress towards our end of the year goals. Students are working hard each day and teachers are proud of focused effort and growth. Please remember your child has homework each day that reinforces what is being taught and learned in the classroom. Also, the daily homework folder has important information from the classroom and school. The folder contains your child’s work samples; please take time each day to review your child’s work to see the progress being made. In literacy, we will begin a study on Culture and Traditions. Students will understand the culture and traditions of a region influence how people face and overcome challenges. They will write about a character from texts read to them describing a lesson learned. For phonics skills, we are focusing on initial (sh-, ch-, th-, wh-) and final digraphs (-ck, -sh, -ch, -th). Students will continue to improve their sentence writing skills using the following rubric: does the sentence begin with an uppercase letter then have all lower case letters to follow; neat and consistent spacing; and an end mark. They should be able to spell high frequency words correctly. First Grade sentences have 7 or more words. Our language focus will be a review of nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and articles. In writing, we will continue to improve narrative stories with a beginning, middle, and end; use dialogue in the plan; use temporal words (one afternoon, next, after, then, last or finally); write 4-7 sentences; and include descriptions (adjectives) in sentences. In math, students will understand length using vocabulary shorter, longer, the same length, and equal to. We will continue to find totals

of two and three quantities, determine if equations are equivalent, and work with larger numbers up to 120. They will be able to extend the counting sequence. Students will continue developing an understanding of time to the hour and half hour.

Second Grade

Please see link below

Third Grade

Math- For the rest of the month of December, students will be focused on completing their understanding of perimeter, area, and polygons. The students are continuing their learning with ideas about the attributes of 2-D shapes and 3-D shapes and how the attributes determine their classification. With measurement students are developing ideas about measurable attributes and techniques, tools, and the units used to measure each of them.

During these next couple weeks students will continue to be assessed through Easy CBM and our District Benchmark 2nd 9 weeks test.

Science- We have just completed our learning on Earth's Systems and Natural Hazards (landslides, earthquakes, hurricanes). The students designed structures to withstand the natural hazard of their choice and tested their structures. Students are now learning about Earth's systems of Weather and Climate. Students have learned about the water cycle and are completing cloud types this week. Students will then use tables, graphs, and tools to describe weather patterns.

In literacy and social studies we are working on a unit about Native Americans. The students have worked with several passages, both informational and fiction. The goal is that students are able to pull information from the text to answer questions and perform writing tasks. There have been some interesting passages, so be sure to ask your child about what they have learned.

We also continue to learn about word and letter patterns as part of our Word Work each day. This supports your child's spelling and grammar skills, and is an important piece of their overall development as a reader and writer.

We will be taking our 9-week writing assessment as well as our 9-week literacy assessment the week of December 9-13. Please encourage your child to put forth their very best personal effort on both tasks. These are important check points for us to determine the progress each child is making.

Fourth Grade

4th grade mathematicians are taking the deep dive in the world of fractions. Some important skills to develop include explaining why fractions are equivalent or not; decomposing fractions into addition equations; adding and subtracting mixed numbers; and multiplying fractions by whole numbers. New this year, students will begin using decimal fractions to the 10ths and 100ths place. 4th grade scientists are going to be digging into the past by studying fossils. Students will investigate the process in which fossils are made, examine different types of fossils, and utilize fossils to gather information about the past.

In Literacy, 4th grade students are working on suffixes and how they change the meaning of a word. We're also working on informational texts as well as folk tales after the holiday break. Our writing focus is on informational writing.

In Social Studies, we are looking at Westward Expansion and how our country grew during the 1800s. We are talking about the Lewis and Clark expedition and will soon be discussing the reasons settlers moved West.

Fifth Grade

Math/Science: In math, we have just completed our unit on adding and subtracting fractions. We will continue our work with fractions in the our new unit, but we will shift our focus to multiplication and division. In science, we are beginning our study of space and Earth’s place in the universe.

Literacy/Social Studies: In literacy, we are finishing our unit on outsiders and their place in society. In social studies, we are continuing our study of Tennessee history.

Nutrition Nuggets

Please read the attached newsletter regarding food, fitness for a healthy child from our Coordinator of Coordinated School Health, Misty Keller.

Student Performances and Author Visits At Lincoln From The Past Month

Lincoln is so lucky to have Mr. Seth Wallingford as our music teacher. If you didn't realize this, let me tell you that your child is the most lucky student in Kingsport, because once a week they get to be in class with him. He is passionate about teaching students to love music and enjoy it. In the past month grades K and 4 showcased their talents in two different performances. Kindergarten students, in festive Thanksgiving attire, sang about what they were thankful for--and a few fun turkey numbers in there too! Our 4th graders really worked hard on a very difficult musical called "North Pole Musical" for a 40 minute presentation of holiday fun. If you were lucky enough to see the performance you know what I am talking about. Major kudos to Mr. Wallingford, our Related Arts Team, and grade level teachers for all their help in these performances. Our students truly shine at these performances and it is exciting to watch. More performances are scheduled for the spring when grades 1, 2, and 3 perform.

In addition to all that singing, first grade students met the author Leigh Anne Hoover when she came last week to visit and talk about her book The Santa Train. Students learned about what it takes to be an author and her inspiration to write. She talked about all the research she had to do to write this true story and what it was like working with an illustrator. All of our first graders really enjoyed her visit.

Safety Reminders For Morning Drop Off

Please do not drop your child off in the parking lot in the morning unless you are parking your car and walking with them to the cross walk. We have several parents who we are thinking, believe it is faster to drop off in the parking lot and avoid the front drive. This might be true at times, but it is creating a major safety hazard that we need to work together to prevent. There are too many cars in the parking lot looking for spots, in the morning. Adding small children trying to get to the cross walk we are creating the real possibility for someone to get seriously hurt in the parking lot.

Please use the designated car drop off line for ALL students in the morning. Do not make your own drop off space in the parking lot. We do not want students to get hurt making their way through the parking lot when they should be dropped off curb side. Thank you in advance for supporting our traffic flow and ensuring that all students are safe in the morning.

Dates To Know For The Remainder of the Year

December 10th
  • Spark 3:30-5:00
December 11th
  • Grades 3-5 Student Of The Month Assembly 9:00-9:40 --Invited parents will receive invite from school
December 12
  • Nutcracker Trip--Grades K, 2, 4 & 5--9:00-11:30
  • Farmer Lego League--3:30-4:30--Conference Room
December 13th
  • Tribe Classic
  • Spark--3:30-5:00--Gym
December 20th
  • Half Day Dismissal at 12:15
  • Winter Vacation starts School Is OUT until January 7th

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