Bad Man

Description of him as a kid

He was a bully. He thought that Hitler was an amazing person and looked up to him. (Pg 39-40). He hated Hazaras. He raped a boy that is 3 years younger than him and his name is Hassan. (Pg 75-78).

Description of him as an adult

He was a very bad man. He was part of the Taliban which are very bad people which I would describe them below. He is known for wearing some John Lennon glasses. He also kills a lot of people. In what we know he kills them by stoning them to death.

Description of the Taliban

They started in when they were under the control of the Soviet Union. They emerged in power in 1994. The Taliban was part of the bombings in 9/11 against the US. Everyone wants to get rid of the Taliban. They have some laws which are women cant go outside without a mahram, they have it banned for women to get an education, women need a burqa which covers them from head to toe, and the ban of women cant be in their balcony of their houses. So they have a lot of laws and bans on women because they think they are not as good as men. The Taliban has to be responsible for deaths against innocent people.