BHMS Family Update

April 26, 2021


In person Learners

Wednesday May 26-

In Person Learners- 8th Grade will return their chromebooks

Thursday, May 27th-

In Person Learners 5th-7th grade will return chromebooks in class

Remote Learners

Thursday, May 27th-3:30 pm-8:00 pm Drop OFF

Remote Learners Chromebook Drop Off or anyone who was an In Person learner and had not turned in on 5/27.

Friday, May 28th-8:00 am- 4:00 pm Drop OFF

Remote Learners Chromebook Drop Off or anyone who was an In Person learner and had not turned in on 5/27.

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5th and 8th Grade Parents- IL Science Assessment Starts next week.

5th and 8th grade schedule for next week

In Person- Monday May 3- Wednesday May 5 students will be taking the ISA with their 7th period teachers and remain in their 7th period.

Remote students testing- We are finalizing locations and will be communicating this out to students and families. Again, this testing will be from May 3- May 5.

Remote students NOT testing- Will not have class the above days. We will NOT assigning any additional lessons or work for students not testing.

On Thursday May 6th we'll follow the schedule below for 5th and 8th grade. Our goal will be to have teachers be able to connect with all of their students for at least Thursday and Friday. Friday's remote schedule is the same.

Thursday 5th Grade Times

AM Session

7:30-8:05- Period 1

8:10-8:40-Period 3/5

8:45-9:15-Period 6

9:20-10:00-Period 7

PM Session

12:10 - 12:45-Period 1

12:50 - 1:20-Period 3/5

1:25 - 1:55-Period 6

2:00 - 2:3-5Period 7

Thursday 8th Grade Times

AM Session

7:30-8:05- Period 1

8:10-8:40- Period 2

8:45-9:15- Period 3

9:20-10:00- Period 7

PM Session

12:10 - 12:45- Period 1

12:50 - 1:20- Period 2

1:25 - 1:55- Period 4

2:00 - 2:35- Period 7

6th and 7th Grade NJHS Application

An email was sent to all 6th and 7th grade students and parents. Please use the following link to apply for National Junior H

Community Leaders

This picture was shared with me by a parent. I think it was a great story that I wanted to share with more families. If you have any stories like this, please send them my way.

One of our very own BHMS students Jaclyn Sauser, organized a community clean up. She saw there was a need in her neighborhood, so she reached out to the mayor of Lakemoor to get permission and supplies, and posted an event on social media to get neighbors involved. The news gets even better, this group of individuals responded to the call and came out to help clean up the neighborhood. Thank you everyone for going the "extra mile" in your community!

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