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What is Penicillin?

Penicillin is a medicine that is used to prevent and treat any infections causing bacteria.

Advantage for the military

If you were to buy our product, it would ensure that your soldiers would defeat and overcome any infections that they may encounter during battle, therefore being able to continue fighting for your country and it's freedom.

New vs Old?

Penicillin does not replace existing technology today. It's considered to be a miracle discovery from which other antibiotics evolved from, curing thousands of people.

Post-war applications

This product will contain post-war applications because the people realized that if penicillin was able to cure the severe infections during battle, then it would do miracles for less severe infections in the people's day-to-day life. Also, if a simplifies version of the penicillin could cure such diseases, imagine with time, what an evolved version of this product could create


Does penicillin fit your strategic needs?

No matter what your strategic needs are, penicillin is a vital ingredient for the survival of your soldiers. Everywhere the soldiers go and no matter who or what they encounter, they are always going to be exposed to deadly infections and bacteria. The usage of this drug will ensure the health of your soldiers, therefor ensuring the success that you have longed for .

What does Penicillin need in order to function?

In order for penicillin to function, it requires penicillium which is a subdivision of ascomycetous fungi.

World Opinion

A few citizens might view the technology of penicillin negatively for it "offends" nature by killing a living a living thing. However, by killing this fungi, you are saving the lives of many, which is why the vast majority view this product as a positive miracle.

Nature vs Nature

Our technology is both offensive and defensive. Our product is taken from nature in order to protect the nature of man. So in a way, It's offending nature by defending nature.

Protection for soldiers

Penicillin does not require any protection (e.g. masks, helmets,etc), because it is not a lethal invention.
"War, by producing so many and such appalling casualties, and by creating such widespread conditions in which disease can flourish, confronted the medical profession with an enormous challenge - and the doctors of the world rose to the challenge of the last war magnificently."
Brian J Ford.

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