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October 6th 1957

Little Richard Still Seizes To Amaze Us With His New Hit Single: "Lucille"

The famous Little Richard, the gospel boy of the 40's has released yet another prodigious hit! He has gained immense popularity since he started recording in 1951. An upbeat song that combines Rock'n'Roll and jazz, will get you up on your feet and ready to dance! Tickets to his concert are selling out quick, so make your way to The Independent to get your tickets now!

An Interview with The King: Little Richard

We all know Little Richard as a famous musician born in 1932, but how well do you really know him? In an interview with Little Richard he mentioned that he actually started recording in 1951, but didn't have his first hit till 55'. When asked what influences have made an impact on him musically he said "When I was a child I joined a church choir. This was where I started singing and was inspired to continue with music. As well, religion has taken a great role in my career." He also gave us an inside scoop on his new song he will be releasing in a couple of months. He said " I had a great time recording my new song, "Good Golly Miss Molly". It was my second favorite song to record aside Lucille." We also asked him what was his early life was like and his response was " Well, as a teen I traveled in medicine shows. I also enjoyed singing in a gospel group when I was a child. As a child of twelve my parents were constantly running around to keep us all happy so it was hard to find time to focus on my schoolwork." Finally we mentioned to him, what were his best hits that's he's recorded. " A personal best of mine was "Long Tall Sally" as well as " Rip it up" both in 1956."
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Current Events

Harry S. Truman has denied being lenient about communism, even though last week he said it was not worth focusing our time on although it has become a growing threat. Ever since North Korea attacked South Korea and the UN called for the communists to retract it has become even worse. As one of the most bloody wars, the economy has found a way to stay strong. Although we are in a current time of peace, many people fear that a nuclear war will outbreak. Blacks fear segregation is a continuous problem, as nobody but themselves are fighting for their rights.

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