Killing Creativity

Ever Wonder What Influences Creativity?

School's Effect on Creativity

School can be one of the biggest creativity killers in a kid's life. Kids really only learn one correct answer while cramming and memorizing for tests. But teachers can turn this around. Small things like playing natural sounds and adding limitations to projects and homework can foster creativity.

Parents' Effect of Creativity

Parents can incorporate multicultural foods and experiences to make their children more creative. Boosting a child's self esteem will allow the child to share his or her's ideas and grow creatively.

Why is Creativity Important?

In the Job Market

Being creative is one of the only ways to separate you from everyone else in the world field. Employers are looking for more than just standard good grades.

As a Therapy

Creative activities such as dance, art and music can be beneficial to kids and adults with cognitive diseases and mental disabilities. It allows them to express their emotions and make them feel accepted.

In the World

Creative people are innovators, problem solvers, and are needed in every aspect of business, science and art. Without them, our world would not be a changing and evolving as it is today.