About Me


Me And My Life

The Past

Ever since I was little I had animals, lots of animals. My very first pet was a rabbit named Bella. We had lots of family pets, like our cat Missy. we always went camping a lot as a family. Everything seemed perfect until, one day when my brother graduated high school to go to collage. I was nine when my brother graduated. It was after he graduated that I got into chickens. First I got some chicks, while chicks are cute they are a pain to take care of but I went though it twice. One time I raised ducklings they are worse to raise then chicks. it was around the time I started to raise chickens when we got back into rabbits again. We were very unsuccessful for a while. There was Bonny and Raven, both angoras both died young nobody knows how they died, they just did.

The Future

Some time soon my brother is going to graduate from collage, and my sister from high school. I don't know if I will be the only one home or not. I am going to set up a chicken farm, at least I hope to. I don't know what else will happen in my future but I hope there will be good things.