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Week of August 17-21

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Streelman Off Campus

I am scheduled in a Principal's meeting all day Thursday. Text/email if you need me!

A Little Gift

First Baptist Church made a generous donation to teachers! If you haven't received yours yet, it should be inside an envelope in your mailbox. Enjoy!

Flexibility & Patience

Tomorrow is unlike any first day we have ever had! We put procedures and schedules in place hoping they will work. They might not! If you have ideas or suggestions after we have experienced a "day in the life", please share them with us so we can make things smoother for everyone!

Parent Pick Up: Media Center

For 2nd-5th grades, they are dismissing for parent pick up in the media center. We don't know what to expect tomorrow in regards to how many car riders we will have. I made some signs and taped them on the shelves and one wall to help separate by grade. These can be moved--all of this can be changed, of course, once we have an idea of who is coming!


The masks that were generously donated by our community for students are in the front office. If you have a need for some, please let me know!

Classroom/Office Visitor Log

If you enter a classroom or someone's office, you must fill out the classroom visitor log. We must all have one of these available for people to sign in. Even if the room is empty, you still must sign in to document that you were there should the Health Department need to know where staff was. I made one and shared it with you several weeks ago. The link below is one the District has created. There are copies on light purple paper up front on the desk if you need to grab some. Please submit to Jen each time one is complete. Thank you!

Students with COVID-19 Symptoms


If you take pics that I can share on Dojo/Facebook, please text them to me. Not just on the first day, but anytime!

Headphones for all!

Two bags with 12 headphones each were placed in your classrooms. These are from the IT department so all students have their own and do not share. If you don't need all of them, save them for the future! We have some extra in storage if you need more.

Need a Sub?

You must activate your Frontline Education account in order to have a sub! Here is the presentation:

SES Information

The link below will take you to a folder on the Google Drive with school information. It is being updated this week.

Fever Protocol

Please note: Students/adults must have a temperature of 100.4 or higher in order to be sent home.

FLKRS~~iReady~~Literacy First Testing

Janelle and her team of volunteers will start FLKRS and Literacy First testing in the middle of this week. We hope to have chromebooks for you by the end of the week so iReady assessing can also begin.

Upcoming Testing Windows

FLKRS (Kinder only): August 17-September 29

iReady for 1st-5th grades: August 17-September 4

iReady for Kinder: September 1-September 11

Performance Matters Science for 3rd-5th: September 1-September 18

**Once we have chromebooks and you decide you are testing (2nd-5th), please let me know!

Info from Jen!

Please make sure you read the email Jen sent today in regards to PBIS and procedures!

Option 1 Inclusion Support

We are using Alicia and Melissa to help us test kiddos with FLKRS and Literacy First over the next few weeks. If you need them in your classroom, please email them so they plan to be there!

Modules & Handbook

IF you haven't gotten your modules turned in yet, please do so asap!

New teachers, you have extra time since your logins were delayed in working.

Virtual Calming Room

Please click on the link to explore the virtual calming room that is good for both staff and students.

Option 2: ESE Inclusion Students

Teachers of option 2, if you have ESE students, please get with Kenney and make sure she has access to your classroom content and best times to support the students!

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COVID Screening

Please remember: You can do a self screening from home prior to leaving for work to avoid possibly contaminating others.

The first link takes you to a document from the Department of Health regarding schools reopening.

The second link takes you to a document for COVID screening.

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First Family Engagement Event

Rescheduled!!! Zoom info below:

Topic: Family Engagement: Virtual School Trivia!

Time: Aug 18, 2020 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 998 2331 9182

Passcode: qB9iDp

After care

After care is not taking any more students at this time. They will open up applications once they have a better idea of numbers. We have a master list of students that registered for after care; if you need to know, just ask!

NEW Requirement for ALL Employees

HR assigned a Title IX module in SafeSchools that covers the mandatory training for Title IX. ALL EMPLOYEES are required to watch this module. The module is 27 minutes in length and is titled “Title IX and Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees”. The module will be on each staff member’s Safe Schools homepage on Monday, August 10th. The training must be completed by Monday, August 31st.

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Happy birthday!

Join me in wishing a happy birthday to Pat Kenney on August 20 and Maria Zapata on August 23!
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