the Winskill Weekly

A five day week...

Looking ahead at this week, I found myself saying, "Wow... five days of school. What will we do with five full days? How are we even going to make it for five whole days of school? " And then I caught myself. Having five days this week means that we will have TIME. Time to do so many of the things that have been put on hold during the shortened weeks. Time to listen to our students and their stories. Time to laugh and enjoy those around you-children and adults. Time to consider the conversations that took place during last week's conferences. Five days... how will you use them?

#Fistbumps & #Highfives

"I have to give a big fist bump or high five to Missy. She takes time out of each and every one of her days to make me feel better or to put things in a brighter perspective." Patrick

#Fistbumps to Kim and Jody for organizing the Lost and Found in time for conferences! This was brought to my attention by multiple staff members #ItMatters

#HighFive to Kate Gotto for her consistent presence in the lunchroom. #ItMatters

#Fistbump to Brenda Strief for offering to help cover the lunchroom last week when "her student" was absent. #ItMatters

#HighFives to Kathy V and Eric F for making time to attend a student's IEP meeting recently. Their input was invaluable. #ItMatters

#Fistbump to Patrick for consistently sharing a positive note for our #HighFives and #Fistbumps column. His positive approach is greatly appreciated! #ItMatters

Looking ahead:

11/16 Monday

Niki out of district

Specials Team Mtg @11:20

4K PLC @1:00

No K-2 PLC mtg

11/17 Tuesday

Niki out of district

SpEd PLC @8:15

Admin Team @9:00

1st gr PLC @11:00

5th gr PLC @ 2:15

Homework Club in library @3:15-4:15

11/18 Wednesday

Picture Retakes- Activity Room

4th gr PLC @8:15

3rd gr PLC @9:15

Kdg PLC @10:45

Faculty Leadership Mtg in Library @3:30

11/19 Thursday

Flu Shots

Thoughtful Thursday/ 4th-5th gr Vertical Artic @ 9:20-9:50

Homework Club in library 3:15-4:15

Special Education mtg @3:30

11/20 Friday

Jeans Day!

Due to the shortened work week, grade levels may choose to hold off on their usual PLC meetings... And wear jeans every day.

11/23 Monday

K-5 RtI meeting @3:30 Title 1 Room *ALL RtI reps should plan to attend.

11/24 Tuesday

5th grade trip to Madison- Chazen Art Museum & Overture Center
Leah out of district

1st grade Thanksgiving Feast 10:30-12:00

PBIS mtg @3:30 in Miranda's room

Homework Club in library 3:15-4:15

11/25 Wednesday

Early Release @11:45 am

11/26 Thursday--Happy Thanksgiving!

11/27 Friday--No School- Vacation Day

11/30 Monday--Welcome Back!

Mentee Meeting @3:30 @LHS

K-2 RtI meeting