School Counseling Program

Tumwater Hill Elementary School

Emily Weber, School Counselor

Tumwater Hill Elementary School

3120 Ridgeview Court SW

Tumwater, WA 98512

p: (360) 709-7305

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About Me

I am so lucky to be a part of the THE community! 2017-2018 will be my eleventh year working as a school counselor! I worked previously in the Franklin Pierce School District in Tacoma, at Franklin Pierce High School and Central Avenue Elementary School. I love working with all age groups, although I know in my heart that elementary is where I belong.

I lived all over the US (and world!) while I was growing up, although I have lived in this area long enough to call it home. I decided in 12th grade (at River Ridge High School in Lacey) that I wanted to become a school counselor. I went to college at the University of Puget Sound, where I majored in psychology and minored in comparative sociology. I obtained my Master's Degree in School Counseling at Seattle Pacific University.

In November 2014 I became a National Board Certified Teacher in the area of School Counseling! In February 2016, I was recognized as a School Counselor of the Year Finalist through my state association, the Washington School Counselor Association (WSCA). I felt honored to be recognized by my colleagues state wide for my efforts as a school counselor.

I am the Elementary School Vice President for WSCA, and I am serving as a member of the Integrated Student Services (ISS) work group in tandem with OSPI. I'm a professional member of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) as well as WSCA. I am a member of the Free Spirit Advisory Board (Free Spirit Publishing, Inc.), which allows me the opportunity to provide feedback on counseling books and materials prior to publishing. I have presented to high school students, visiting school districts, school board members & at a state-level conference. I am constantly learning and seeking new information to better myself as a school counselor. If I could be a student forever, I would.

Prior to completing my graduate degree and starting work in schools, I worked in a variety of social services jobs. I worked as a foster care case aid, patient care coordinator at Seattle Children's Hospital and Head Start Family Advocate at Children's Home Society of WA. Additionally I volunteered as a children's grief support group facilitator at Bridges: A Center for Grieving Children in Tacoma.

I live here in town with my family, and I love to cook, read, travel, run and go to baseball games. Go Mariners! I'm excited to live and work in this wonderful community.

Please know that you can contact me with any questions or concerns. If I don't know the answer to your question, I will find someone who does.

What does an Elementary School Counselor do?

The short answer:

LOTS of things!

The long answer:

I work with all students and families at Tumwater Hill Elementary School. I support students' academic, career, and social/emotional needs. I offer preventive, developmentally appropriate & comprehensive classroom guidance lessons to all students. I facilitate and support school wide programs to promote academic success. I counsel students in small groups and individually as an additional layer of support beyond school wide and classroom-based programs. I assist parents with community resources and parenting concerns. I work with the Thurston County Food Bank and other local agencies to provide basic needs support to families year round as well as during the holidays. I work closely with teachers to support their students. I serve on several district- and building-level committees.

Another short answer:

I wear many hats here at THE!

For more information on the job of a school counselor:

Washington School Counselor Association

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What is Social Emotional Learning? (article)

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What students say in my office remains private between us, UNLESS:

  • the student is being hurt
  • the student is going to hurt someone else
  • the student is going to hurt him or herself

School-wide Programs

My role as the school counselor at Tumwater Hill is visible throughout the building in various ways. I lead our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) committee, which promotes positive behavior and school culture. I coordinate our 504, McKinney-Vento and Weekend Food Bag programs. I collaborate regularly with my fellow elementary school counselors as well as with the entire Tumwater School District K-12 counselor group to build a comprehensive & developmentally appropriate school counseling program for all TSD students.

School counselors help facilitate Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) through classroom lessons, small group counseling, staff training and school wide systems. For more information about SEL, see these videos: #1, #2, #3.

Tumwater Hill's Monthly PBIS Character Traits:

October: Cooperation

November: Service

December: Leadership

January: Integrity

February: Kindness

March: Perseverance

April: Citizenship

May: Honesty

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Classroom guidance lessons are my most efficient way to work with students and teach developmentally appropriate, preventive skills in alignment with the American School Counselor Association's student standards.

I will be teaching lessons throughout the school year. Topics & number of lessons varies by grade.


Second Step curriculum (Units: Skills for Learning, Empathy, Emotion Management, Problem-Solving & Child Protection)

First Grade:

Second Step curriculum (Units: Emotion Management & Child Protection)

Second Grade:

Second Step curriculum (Unit: Problem-Solving)

Third Grade:

Growth Mindset

Fourth Grade:

Anti-Bullying topics

Fifth Grade:

Career Exploration & Middle School Transition

Friendship Groups

Friendship Groups allow me to work with groups of students on new skills as well as on reinforcing previously taught skills (e.g. in classroom guidance lessons).

Friendship Groups are offered daily during recess. They consist of 3-5 students and focus on social skill development & peer interactions. Students are invited to join Friendship Group for a variety of reasons, for example being new to THE, working through conflicts with friends, meeting new friends, building confidence, etc. Students are assigned to a group that meets weekly on a set day, during a set recess time. Groups meet for approximately 2 months at a time.

Individual Counseling

I offer short-term individual counseling to students on an as-needed basis. Parents and teachers can refer students, or students can self-refer. I typically meet with students 4-6 times to address specific needs. If students need counseling services beyond what I offer at school, I am available to provide information & resources for community-based counseling.